Vice President Taha: We don’t need your advice!

By Luk Kuth Dak

February 11, 2010 (SSNA) — It’s ironic, really, that after half a century long in anguish and torment of the brutal oppression, there’re some Northern politicians, particularly the pit bulls morons of the National Islamic Front (NIF) who actually still believe that they have a moral capacity of telling the marginalized Sudanese what’s best for their future!!

And, indeed, it didn’t come as a surprise, that Ustaz Ali Osman Muhammad Taha, the Vice President of the embattled President Omer Hassan Ahmed al Basher, and a signatory of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), would utter that: “South Sudan’s separation would be a jump in the dark”. Whatever that expression means!

Also, one of the world’s most famous Dentist, Mustafa Osman Ishmael, the Presidential Advisor, had angrily disparaged that “South’s separation is not the solution”. And although he couldn’t divulge his true color, his intentions are well known to any average Sudanese in the South.

But not only that. In London, an extremist by the name Osman Khalid Mudawi, the Chairman of foreign relations committee in the so-called National Assembly, was quoted as saying, “We will defeat the South if (it) ever dared returning to war.”

That’s as ludicrous as it gets. However, the legitimate question is, why all of a sudden these thugs are beginning to worry so much about the welfare of the South Sudanese, after they have turned their villages, towns and cities into a morgue! And if they actually care, as they claimed, then, how could they possibly have declared a Jihad war and ethnic cleansing on their own countrymen?

The truth of the matter is, the entire world knows– for certain– that the NIF’s crocodiles didn’t signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, (CPA) for the love of the South. But they did so after it became apparent to a bare eye that, in fact, victory was eminent, and Khartoum streets were now going to be the next war zone number 2, in accordance with the SPLM’s plan of moving the war to the north’s door steps. After all, this is a group of extremists whose main goal is to steal as much as they can, and to remain in control of one of the largest country in Africa, for unforeseeable tenure!

That explains, exactly, why they refuse to see the obvious, in terms of how the South Sudanese people actually feel about the tortures, rapes, murders, injustices and enslavements that continue to this day, that they want to lengthen their quest for freedom and justice!

No, not this time around!

Evidently, those war- mongers have never been to a war zone to see for themselves, what war really is all about. During the civil war, which lasted for over two decades, those savage gangsters were extremely busy ripping off the country and sending everybody else’s child to the war zone but their own. Their beloved children were peacefully living and studding in the best schools the world had to offer.

There’s a saying that goes: “If you fool me once, it’s my fault; If you fool me twice, it’s mine.”

Clearly, the Vice president, (who had just wrapped up a boot- licking tour of Egypt to bag forgiveness and make good with the Egyptian regime, for his role in the failed assassination attempt on the life of President Hosni Mubarak, in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa) really lives in the past. The truth of the matter is: no one in South Sudan or the overall marginalized areas who had asked for his opinion on how they want their future to look like. They are clearly capable of deciding for themselves. In fact, they have made up their minds already on what they want for their future, and that of their children, and no tyrant is going to turn them around, ever.

Those days are gone.

On the other hand, it’s natural for all of us to disagree about Chairman and President Salva Kiir Mayardit on just about anything and everything. But we can’t disagree on his bravery, commitment to our just cause, and his leadership to unit the south, at a very challenging period. In addition, when the SPLM was going through tough times, Kiir stayed foot while others- all of whom we know- deserted the peoples’ movement and ran to Khartoum.

Even more so, we should applaud him for warning the United Nations’ Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon that “Only South Sudanese will ultimately decide their future, in the 2011 referendum.

Therefore, we need to keep him on the driver’s seat until he gets the job done.

Final thought, like every other human being, we South Sudanese have our lion share of differences and disagreements. But I also believe in our ability to patch them up for the greater good for our people. It can be done.

The author is a former anchorman with Juba Radio, and he can be reach at: [email protected]

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