The National Elections Commission and the flouting of the National Elections Act and Rules

As we see, the Court decided that it was the competence of the National Elections Commission to decide on the matter, exactly as we told the Commission earlier. It is like a ball of ping pong (table tennis) tossed from one person to the next. In other words, Abel Alier has succeeded to deny the SPLM-DC its right to object to the nomination of General Salva Kiir Mayardit to the office of President of the Government of Southern Sudan. His position is in full disregard to Article 45 of the National Elections Act 2008 and Article 10 of the General Elections Rules 2009.

7. The decision of the Court is full of errors (e.g. the name of SPLM-DC, the SPLM and the SPLA; wrong reference to Article 44 which should have read 144; etc..) and did not include a summary of the reply of the defendant as should be expected in any court’s ruling. Yet, we respect the decision since it is final on the matter.

8.It is incumbent upon SPLM-DC to make these facts public so that the people can judge for themselves whether some persons in authority can really stand up for justice and neutrality demanded of them by the oath of office they took.


The Information Department,


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