Is H.E. Gabriel Changson, the future president of South Sudan government?

By Daniel Abushery Daniel

February 16, 2010 (SSNA) — For good reasons, the upcoming general elections of April, 2010, have become the talk of the day among all Sudanese both home and abroad.

The first of its kind to be held in nearly two and half decades, since 1985, there are a whole host of speculations and analysis about who is going to win the elections from the state, regional and national levels respectively. 

It’s worth mentioning; however, that most of today’s politicians, or those selves- proclaimed leaders are in fact ignorant and naïve about the world’s modern politics. In addition, the public pretty much doesn’t know its rights when it comes to who to vote for and why! Of course due to the spread of literacy among Sudanese messes. Therefore, the only way they cast their votes is according to whom they know or the tribe they belong to. That will make it all the more difficult to choose the right candidate or leader for nation.

For example, a corrupt politician can be reinstated in the office, due to favors and using of public money, which will put the wrong person in the right spot. Therefore we should be cautious when it comes to selection of a leader.

Nevertheless, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) was unsuccessful in their attempts to lure Ustaz Gabriel Changson (the current ministry of youth and sport) to join the SPLM.

Clearly, Mr. Changson is a man of his words and principles. Against all odds, he decided to remain committed to his party, the United Democratic Salvation Front (UDSF).

In essence, the name of a party is not what’s so important. But standing on principles is certainly the corner stone and the core issue of anyone who should be the leader of modern South.

According to my analysis, H.E. Gabriel Changson is not a well known politician as oppose to many other candidates in the South. But Changson is a rare asset that we are desperately in need of. He brings to the table an unimaginable wealth of banking, economic planning expertist that landed him at the helm of the top financial institutions in Sudan, from Commercial Bank, the Central Bank of Sudan and the Ivory Bank respectively. Above all, he is one of the most honest people you would ever meet.

Currently, Mr. Changson is contesting for the seat of the governorship of the Upper Nile State. Among his opponents: Dr. Peter A. Nyaba, the Federal Minister for Higher Education, science researcher and my former teacher Ustaz Simon Kun Pouch Mar, (both veterans members of the SPLM) just to mention a few.

Evidently, it’s unclear what the outcome will be. After all, Upper Nile was the only State ruled by NCP/NIF party since 2005, in accordance with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, (CPA). Therefore its transformation will most definitely need someone with Changson’s caliber.

In reality, having a multi party system is the better way for any country that thrives for democracy in governance. We have had enough of the one party system that ruled the country for decades. Therefore, the collation that was made between SPLM and USDF shows fairness and question with boldness, and without any hesitation or any personal interest.

In conclusion, when Gabriel Changson was the minister of Information and broadcasting, he championed the proposal of religion, ethnicity to be added to census. He believes that identity poses a serious problem in Sudan as a whole.

In addition, Mr. Changson was one of the first officials who condemned and refused the results of the census. Unfortunately, no one backed up his objection until much later time, and when everything was almost too late to correct.

All the above are a living proof beyond any reasonable doubt that he is one of our pragmatic leaders who rolled back his sleeves fighting the wide-spread corruption in the South.

And finally, South Sudan is in desperate need for pragmatic leaders, and Gabriel Changson is one of them.Therefore, we need to elect him to be the next governor of our great State of Upper Nile.

You will be happy you did.

Daniel Abushery Daniel can be reached at or [email protected]

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