Delaying the Election is not a Good Option

By Nhial K. Wicleek

March 30, 2010 (SSNA) — Although yearning for democratic change where all voices should be heard, the 17 parties that heralded postponement of the election must ensure that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is the riding story that guides the spirit of the election. As anticipated during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), every single step, ranging from dateline of the election to post referendum conduct, represent the binding sequence so that nothing need to be left for no possible reason. Putting it to logical judgement, 17 parties are typically participating because the signatory parties (the NCP and SPLM) inked the deal to thoroughly bring about change.

This change is to transform Sudan as a whole to join the bandwagon and become part of the democratically elected governments that are exercising democracy throughout the globe. For that matter, participation of the 17 parties is not questionable because it is what it takes for democracy to meet it final destiny inside Sudan. Without being allowed to participate means “status quo” is employed by the two signatory parties and that lead to the violation of the common ground reached during the signing.

However, to become atypical should hardly be seen with the 17 parties. The reason is that they foretold a halt to the impending election which they should not vie into. It should be heralded by the signatory parties that ride on the same donkey, the CPA, or else, cease their agreement and opt for whatever they like to end or to continue. Frankly speaking, the spirit of change is hovering to which one should understand that such an expected change is likely near. So, people of Sudan, particularly Southern Sudanese believe none violent negotiation over the conduct of the election is the only mean to reach a deal. This point is repeatedly stated when Mr. Kiir speaks it out aloud at every rally that he would not take back to war people of south Sudan.

So, Southern Sudanese, and Sudanese in general should not buy into cheap encouragement that would cost lives. President Kiir and his leader Bashir, are doing really well though doubts are cast on their statesmanship. It seems pretty much that their spirit rallied Sudanese in general to not curb the gear of their bandwagon for the sake of peaceful co-existence.

Conditionally, Bashir is awaiting ICC at the backyard working really hard to drag him out of the country. To prove to the international community that he is not criminal, he ought to allow the conduct of election at the expected dateline. Although nobody knows what he would do if defeated by the opponent, his main focus for now is to respect the dateline, to prove to the international community that he is innocent. Most, of course, might not accept his being an innocent, but the underlying proof or evidence is that, touring through every state in Sudan is the sign. For him to be disproved by non-signatory parties that he is not innocent would cause trouble. Should he muted and never roar like a lion, something else has happened to him making him silence.

If the SPLM joins the wiggling dance of the 17 parties, chances are likely that Bashir roars, and so come the halt to avoid any possible arrest lying at the corner. This may come to premature thinking, (do not think that I am encouraging this) of resorting for unpredicted situation that will have a sad ending. It may bring our leaders to risk their lives if care is not taken, and it is because so many things are initiated in the central government in the North. Southern Sudanese, particularly, the leaders should know that unlikely situation is not far from putting it to work on the side of the NCP. Let them make sure there is a threat to the partner and that would aggravate every little things exhibited.

To quell this boiling matter, SPLM leaders should distant themselves from buying into cheap political move of the 17 parties for the sake of reaching a safe conduct of the election. Since it is only a week and a half, they should stick to Bashir’s calls for holding a free, fair and credible conduct of this election. If that fails, the international community that is monitoring the election procession should know who halt the smooth process of this election. Whether they want to condemn, they know who to condemn because the fault is seen and make it easier for them to identify who is responsible.

I would encourage SPLM leaders to respect and distant from the 17 parties that have nothing to do with the secession of the south. Let the deal unravel between the two partners to avoid any fault in the eye of international community. I know and believe that the NCP would not allow possible divorce peacefully, but the NCP would be to blame for not reaching this deal, if its leaders intend not to abide by the precision of the deal. It is to be noted that any change to one thing can affect the other and so the fragile peace fall apart. However, let this not come about before the datelines to avoid unexpected.

Nhial K. Wicleek lives in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]

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