Elections Campaign Obstructions in Wau, Kuajok, Aweil, and Rumbek

The National Elections Commission
Dear Sir,
Subject: Obstructions to my elections campaign in the four
States of Bahr El Ghazal
April 16, 2010 (Khartoum) — I refer you to my letters dated 21st and 29th of March 2010 on the obstructions made in Wau and Rumbek against launching my campaign in the respective States.
Yesterday, a series of incidents took place in Wau, Kuajok, Aweil and Rumbek which clearly indicate that there is a well coordinated plan to obstruct my campaign in the four States.
In Wau, we were again kept in the plane against our will by elements of Public Security and the Special Branch which falls directly under the office of the President of the Government of Southern Sudan and the other contender for the same office. That was when we arrived at Wau airport from Yambio at 3:45 pm on 3/4/2010. When that episode was over, and we were driving to town, the cars carrying us were stoned by organized thugs just before the roundabout. Some members of our delegation were wounded. The police did next to nothing to apprehend the attackers who were not more than ten as we can see.
The same group headed for Isaac Elie Stadium where the masses were gathered awaiting our arrival to address them. They drove the people away, destroyed the Sound System and broke the chairs. They also went to the office of the High Elections Committee in Wau and stoned it breaking in the process the glasses of the cars parked outside. In the evening some elements of the Public Security went to the office of SPLM-DC and threatened to kill the people they found inside. They singled out for special abuse and venom members of the party from the Dinka tribe. The people who did all this havoc are known and can be identified.
In our meeting with the Governor and his Deputy, it was clear that the State Commissioner of Police had misled them on the true situation that afternoon, especially his claim that the public were waiting in the stadium long after they were dispersed by the violent organized thugs. We extend our deep appreciation to the Governor and his Deputy for their assiduous efforts to calm the situation and insistence that we go ahead with our programme as scheduled.
Following the Wau incident as above, we received reports from our teams in Kuajok, that their leader was threatened by death if our programme that was scheduled for Sunday the 4th went ahead. Also, in Aweil, our members organizing the launching occasion were threatened and denied permission to do the launching. In Rumbek, the authorities insist that we cannot be allowed to launch our campaign there before the other contender finished his campaign in the whole State, a clear departure from their earlier position that it was tied only with his going to Rumbek which took place on 1/4/2010. We were planning to go to Rumbek on Monday the 5th instant.
From the foregoing, it is absolutely clear that there is a coordinated plan not to allow us campaign freely in the four States of Western Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap, Northern Bahr El Ghazal and Lakes, and in this plan there are indications that organs belonging to the Government of Southern Sudan are involved as evidenced by the above narrative. In view of this dangerous development, the National Executive Committee of the SPLM-DC evaluated the situation and noted that the party had informed the National Elections Commission about what was going on as early as the 21st of March and the Commission did nothing more than just referring the letters to the President of the Government of Southern Sudan imploring him to respect his earlier public announcements that he would allow political parties to operate freely in the South, and that the office of the President of GOSS is now implicated in the obstruction and violent attack on a competitor in the elections. It therefore, resolved the following:
1. To suspend the launching campaigns in the four States as it has become extremely dangerous to continue doing so.
2. Demand that the National Elections Commission form an independent investigation committee to look into this incident and bring the perpetrators to book;
3. Until that committee renders its report and strict measures be taken to ensure free campaigning in those States, voting for the office of the President of the Government of Southern Sudan be rescheduled for a latter date in the States of Lakes, Northern Bahr El Ghazal, Warrap and Western Bahr El Ghazal, where the obstruction, intimidation and violence took place.
4. All these procedures, measures and processes should take place before the date specified by the Commission for the second round of the Presidential elections.
The SPLM-DC is keen to see that the elections be free and fair and is on record that the elections take place on time. Therefore, we must work hard together to ensure a level field for all. Those bent on stealing the elections by crooked means should not be allowed to run away with it.
Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin
Chairman of SPLM-DC and
Candidate for the President of GOSS
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