An Independent South Sudan is Vital to USA!!

By Luk Kuth Dak

May 2, 2010 (SSNA) — For hosts of good reasons, mostly, if not all — African people believe that the Western World and mainstream media have been prejudice and stereotypical at best, especially to the black people of Africans descends.

Indeed, you can argue a solid case that racism and chauvinism had everything to do, when the Western World heartlessly and shamelessly chose to stand still while well over two million people from South, mostly Christians, were brutally butchered in broad day light by Khartoum regime with the aid of ‘axis of evil’ of the September the 11th masterminded by world renowned fugitive Osama bin Laden.

And in Rwanda, nearly a million people lost their precious lives in what will go down in world’s history as one of the most horrendous crimes against humanity, yet the Western Nations stood by motionlessly. The gruesome picture of the dead didn’t touch their cold hearts, as if those innocent people were from a different planet!

But when the white Europeans Muslims of former Yugoslavia were massacred by the Serbians, Western nations under the leadership of the United States of America wasted no time to respond. They rose to the occasion, stepped up to plate, and the predators’ criminal was driven out in just a matter of weeks!!

Speak about double standers in its best.

Today, despite, those unforgivable stances by the West, things are beginning to change for the better with respect to the mutual relations between the Western nations and the continent of Africa. Indeed, Africans are quite grateful, especially to the US, Great Britain, France and Norway, to name a few, for their bold stance and the unfailing support for the people of South Sudan, to exercise their birth rights for self-determination.

Yes, it’s about that time that the USA re-thinks its foreign policies towards Africa. For far too long, America has been seeking cooperation and friendships from all the wrong places. Appallingly enough, it continues to pour billions of taxpayers’ money into an Egypt that has proven time and time again that it not trustworthy. More importantly, it’s one of the most ungrateful, undemocratic and with zero credibility in human rights and religious harmony.

After all, Egypt is an Islamic state, with a full cabinet ministry for religious affairs, through which Mosques and other Islamic institutions are funded by the government of Egypt.

Indeed, Imams, such as the jailed clergymen, Sheik Omer Abdul – Rahman, were all in the payroll of the government of Dictator Muhammad Hosni Mubarak.

Even more so, the universities that produced the likes of one of the most vicious terrorists, Iman al Zawahirry and the rest of the so-called al Qaida leadership in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are all graduate of Egyptian institution that are directly funded with US foreign aid to Egypt.

In corporate America, if a company doesn’t adhere to the terms of contract that company is charged with breach of contract thereby making the contract null and void. Also, the leadership of those institutions will not be paid going forward, until the cloud gets cleared out. The question is, why not apply the same principle on Egypt that doesn’t measure up to US expectations

Enough is enough!

The truth of the matter is that USA has vital economic and strategic interests in South Sudan becoming an independent state. In 2011, South Sudanese people will have an opportunity to vote on whether or not they want to join the free nations, or remain as second-class citizen and slaves in the land that belongs to them in the first place.

In addition, the people of South Sudan not only are they Christians, but they have so much in common with the American people, in terms of their believe in democracy, the rule of laws, peaceful transfer of power, equal opportunity for all, denunciation of terrorism and terrorists, and most important, the separation of Church and state.

Furthermore, the “Lost boys” of Sudan, (who are already assimilated into the American society, and some of whom are now fighting alongside the American service men in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the rest of the security and law enforcement agencies across the land) They truly are a living testimony of a brighter future in the relations between the USA and the hopeful independent state of South Sudan.

On the economic front, South Sudan not only is an oil-rich, but it sits on a vast amounts of natural resources in which US technical know-how would be in pivotal demand particularly in the area of agriculture, mining, wild life conservation, Tourism and of course the oil industry that’s currently under the control of communist China, a co-conspirator on the civil War in which over two million Southerners were slaughter in their watch.

Strategically, since the Arab states are turning hostile to the Western world as a whole, but especially the USA, America will most certainly need another strong ally besides Israel in the region, if she cares about putting control on the of Islamic extremists into influx to Africa.

Besides, South Sudan could very well be a future home for US military bases necessary for quicker response in combating any attacks by the al Qaida extremist terrorists.

Final thought: America can no longer afford to ignore the young democracies in black Africa.

The author is a former anchorman with Juba Radio, and he can be reach at: [email protected]

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