Breaking News: A Chollo Chief got killed in Upper Nile State

May 22, 2010 (Malakal) — On Sunday at 10:00 a.m. of 22nd May 2010 in Panyikango county in the Shilluk Kingdom, a Paramount Chief called Oyath (who was suspected of directing the SPLA to mistreat the children and woman and torture some youth until they give out guns from nowhere), got shot dead with eight people accompanying him in Toyota double-cabin Hilux given him by SPLM’s GoSS two weeks back. Those who carried out this operation remained unidentified so far.

This chief and his cronies were warned not to collaborate with the enemy against Shilluk innocent women and children but they defied and continued with their betrayal mission as seen by those affected by the mistreatment and torture. They went so far by ordering fines of cows and money (equivalent of US$500) on the poor families they suspected to be possessing guns in the area. The late chief and his cronies did what they have done without the permission of the Shilluk king but the SPLA commander in the area. Now he and his cronies are gone forever as a consequence of going against the people. May their souls rest in eternal peace if not hell.

Immediately some hours after, the SPLA went amok to burnt down villages in Obay where the incident took place and the villages there went fleeing for their dear lives and bones. More bad news is expected in the coming days as the Shilluk Kingdom is being pushed by the SPLM/A these days to become another hot spot for rebellion against bad rule in the South. Terrible and may God come to the aid of these innocent villagers whose only crime for those who are oppressing them was to have not voted for the SPLM candidates but SPLM-DC only.

This is the South Sudan we want to have under Mr. Kiir’s bad governance.

From Concerned Citizens of Shilluk Kingdom
Malakal, Upper Nile State, Sudan
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