SPLA/M is Creating a Hell on Earth in Shilluk Kingdom

By Dr. James Okuk

May 24, 2010 (SSNA) — What is the use of freedom from one slavery so that you get enslaved by another master who pretend to have brought you freedom from oppression? This is South Sudan we want to have under Salva Kiir’s bad rule. May God rest in peace the souls of the eight people who were shot down dead in the Shilluk Kingdom on Sunday. As we speak here now many SPLM-DC supporters from the Shilluk have been arrested in Malakal following the incident, including three MPs-elect. Many Shilluk youth are also being arrested by the SPLA MIs for more torture and traumatization. What a hell on earth the SPLA/M is creating in the Shilluk Kingdom!!!

Please SPLA/M release those innocent people you arrested and go to search in the bush for those who killed the Paramount Chief; they are not living in town or the villages you burnt down. They are your own SPLA rebels! Leave the Shilluk civilians alone? What you are doing now is exactly or even worst than what the jellba army were doing to the shilluk people prior to the CPA. You are proving not to be different from them. Please don’t increase the degree of hated with your oppression of the civilians. The consequences shall never be desirable for the South if more reactions come up.

No more shifts of oppressions in South Sudan! Enough is enough. The SPLA guns shall never become mightier than the people’s rights and justice. Even as we speak here now many people around all corners of South Sudan are only patient and suffering in silence waiting to show Kiir the exit door when the time is ripe. Ask Dr. Riek Machar and his supporters and they will tell you more on this patience-for-the-time-being. That is why they advice Ex. Gen. George Athor to take it slow until that times arrives for the real explosion against Kiir to take place.

Where is the confidence of the people on Mr. Kiir rule? Even if you see many Southerners compromising with him now, this is not going to continue in near future. The people are already fed up with his leadership incompetence and other accompanying vices. Mr. Athor might be crown as the hero of resistance to bad rule in South Sudan as those who pretend to oppose him now will be seen rallying behind him.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned citizen of the Independent South Sudan in the waiting reachable at [email protected]

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