Former Deputy Chief of Staff of SPLA, Athor fleas to Khartoum and Ali Osman Taha crusades for Unity

By Daniel A. Daniel

"When you became a wolf, is too hard to be a goat," unknown source.

May 31, 2010 (SSNA) — Recently, there’ve been many speculations and attempts that were made about the renegade fugitive former SPLA Deputy Chief of Staff, General George Athor Deng, who continues to escalate fear and chaos among civilians in Upper Nile and Jonglei States respectively, in the aftermath of his bitter defeat in the gubernatorial race which was fairly and squarely won by Cde Koul Manyang Juuk, is currently in Khartoum, according to independent sources.

Evidently, Gen. Athor didn’t act alone, no doubt about that. There’re some politicians within the South who stood behind him, and worked hard to pave the way to smuggle him out of the besieged village in which he’s been hiding for some weeks, and after he’s been deserted by the group that took up arms and ammunitions, initially leaving him wondering about.

It’s a matter of fact that the NCP’s hands are all over this defection. It’s shouldn’t take anyone by surprise, because it’s the same old game of divide-and- rule policies aimed at using some wickets among us, to begin another rebellion in the South in order that the public and International community will favor unity over secession. Of course, the ultimate goal is the showcase to the entire world that in fact, Southerners aren’t qualified to rule themselves. Fortunately, however, Gen. Athor Deng didn’t get wish, at least for now. His misguided plans have failed miserably and he is now fighting for his dear life.

It’s no longer a secret, that there are indeed some elements in the South (without calling them by names) who are using innocents people as their tools to achieve their ill – ambitions at the expense of others. Such people will have nowhere to hide, their deeds will soon or later come to light, once our people have the chance to excises their birth rights of self determination in the coming referendum, which will ensure be or not to be, and to end a half a century long suffering of our people.

And as I’ve previously stated, the disgraced Gen. Athor is fugitive and must be brought to Justice to pay for his crime against the innocent people he’s murdered in a cold blood. He should face justice not in the military court, but in Criminal court. Certainly, that will serve as an example to who might follow suit that they will eventually face the same fate and consequences. Clearly, any lack of severe punishment as deterrent will contribute in the failure of the system, as we said in Criminal system that: there is no punishment fit the crime, but as a deterrent. 

On another development, some of you might have heard in the news that Vice President Ustaz/ Ali Osman Mohamed Taha has been given a green light by SPLM to crusade rallies preaching the ugly Unity in South Sudan. Folks, this idea is not healthy at all. It’s just another way to soliciting and buying poor people to votes for unity, especially those who are disgruntled by current elections, the man is chief security and architect of NCP/ NIF. The SPLM needs to recant it’s position as quickly as possible. The last thing we need among our people is a devil with lots of money.

By no means should we underestimate the insecurities and chaos that are engulfing the whole of Western Equatoria, Jonglei, Northern Upper Nile, and Unity states. Those are not some isolated incidents but a well though out plan by the NCP lunatics to destabilized the region, using some of the traitors (all of whom we all know). Therefore, it’s critical for the government of the South to never take that man, Ali Mohammed Taha for granted. He can be very dangerous, sadly so.

In – Conclusion, Pragmatics leaders are needed in the ten states of the South, I means the newly elected governors and their cabinets. We hope that they will rise up to their campaign promises of preaching unity among the South Sudanese people, and to double their efforts to educate the masses about the referendum and what it means for the future of our nation. They need to deliver the dire services needs, so that the people can have confidence in the system.

We will prevail, together.

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