Can We Turn Around To The Old Golden Days In South Sudan? Part II

By Daniel A. Daniel

“The success of any civilized society is by its Justice.” Professor Richard Delgado

June 3, 2010 (SSNA) — Rumors and fouls accusations have been escalating around about an alleged mistreatment and torture aimed at the Shiluk’s population. Some connected it with the disarmament campaign being undertaken by the government in vast parts of South Sudan. Others, however, saw it as a reaction to the outcome of the elections in which the so-called SPLM-DC was handed an embarrassing defeat by the SPLM. Nothing could be further from the truth that SPLA is intentionally targeting the Shiluk’s community. Instead, they should ask the renegade Gen. Athor Deng, who is directly responsible for the murder of the permanent Shiluk’s Chief while he was on his way to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new Governor, ustaz/ Simon Kun Pouch.

As a matter of the fact, I tried to ignore all speculations about what is taking place in the region from violence and killing of an innocent people. But when it comes to the level of murdering chiefs and law’s enforcement personnel, I didn’t hesitate to voice my denunciation as a concerned citizen of this beloved land. It was very sad to read some senseless and treacherous remarks on the web, such as “the Chief was warned not to collaborate with the enemy against Shiluk innocent women and children, but they defied and continue with their betrayal “I quoted from SSNA on May, 20th, 2010. No, this destructive behavior cannot and should be condoned. Somehow, someone has to step on the plate. They said: "Silence is the sign of acceptance,"

I can’t seem to stress enough here that all those of us who write in the media, whether in the websites, or newsletters, because what we write are a matter of documents and public records, which can come back to haunt us in the future, and could be use against us “ the writers” one day in a court of law.

Let it be known to everybody that: deformations of character, accessory murder, or obstruction of Justice are punishable by the law of the land. Therefore, writers have a moral responsibility to check their sources of information, well before they can wage some allegations that might be baseless and untruthful.

Hence, am not in anyway, shape or form, trying to scary or intimidate anyone like the way others are used to doing, by sending intimidating e- mails. We need to remind ourselves of the moral obligations and responsibility of adhering to journalistic code of ethics, otherwise we will all adrift into a hear say type of journalism.

In Criminal Justice system “being ignorant of law, is not an excused or justification”.

Back to my main piece, the disarmament is not something new in greater Upper Nile region. To the best of my knowledge it’s been done before. I recall in 1972, after Addis Ababa Accord that late William Nyoun and Karbino Kuanyin Bol, both was assigned to disarm the civilians in Upper Nile areas who were still bearing arms illegally after the agreement. Therefore, the notion that somehow, the SPLM/A is singling out the Shiluk Kingdom is simply unfounded and misguided at best, and it’s aimed at wounding our unity.

Furthermore, the Shiluk’s Ruth (King) is a well respected spiritual leader all across the board. As a matter of truth The Shiluk nation is one of the most represented communities in the SPLM, Goss and Federal respectively. So where does the alleged mistreatment come from?

We need answers.

It’s too bad that some self-loving people would put their personal interests above the nations, especially when South is at crossroads of to be or not be. At this juncture, everything is at stake, and we cannot afford to be anything but united. It’s my hope however, that, we all can now begin to put South first in our hearts and in our souls.

Brothers and sisters, anything based on lie can not last long, that is why I ignore the whole scenario, and eventually it will die naturally. And you know what hurts the most, is that much of the lies came from an educated persona, who is supposed to be educating us about the benefits that come along with our unity!! So what’s the meaning of being educated with a flashy PHD?

We need to know!

In conclusion, I would like to register at this juncture that the Shiluk people are very well known for their honesty. They’re one of the most loving people you would ever meet. They’ve a long history of not initiating any violence or trouble among themselves or with their neighbors or the local governments. Today, the Shiluk’s nation is in good hands of my uncle and former colleague and Yei Unity Bank manager, his Majesty Kowango Dak. He is a true Southerner and he will not allow some selfish individuals to stand in the way of our march to freedom.

Finally, let’s put our difference aside and march together to the promise land called south Sudan nation.

That’s my hope.

The author is a Criminal Justice Graduate from Western International University, Phoenix, AZ, (USA), Former Unity Bank Employee, Juba – Sudan, and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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