Marginalized Sudanese, Unite!

Now, President Kiir’s angry. But who’s going to blame him? His anger is justifiable and legitimately so, given the fact that the NCP is backing off from its peace obligations on all fronts. Instead of honoring it commitment towards confidence’s building, the regime is now quite busy piling up weapons of mass destruction (WMD), from the disgraced communist China and terrorist Iran, aimed, of course, at dragging the country back into a much more bloodier war.

Yet, I believe that President Kiir’s decision allowing Ustaz/ Ali Osman Mohammad Taha, al Basher’s Vice President, to roam around freely in South Sudan, in pursuance of the so-called attractive unity, is reprehensible, and he should re-think his position as quickly as he can.

Meanwhile, what all the marginalized must keep in mind is that, they all really are in the same boat (as the quote above demonstrates). Indeed, whatever effects one part of a particular marginalized entity directly, effects the rest of the marginalized nation indirectly.

To clarify my point, just look at the dirty games the Khartoum regime is orchestrating to tear apart the Darfur’s people on tribal lines and, the treacherous acts of evil the NCP is committing to divide the people of South Sudan. I mean, those shouldn’t be assumed as simply isolated events, but as a well calculated smear tactics, to further undermine the unity among the Darfurians one the hand, and the South Sudanese on the other, in accordance with the outstanding racial policy of: “Hit the slave with a slave.”

In addition, marginalized should also understand that peace will never come through an Arab country, Qatar, for instance. As suspected all along, the Arabs have never been, never will be neutral mediators, but collaborators and co-conspirators of the regime of fugitive Omer al Basher, which’s never signed any agreement accept only to buy the time to regroup.

The central questions: how long are we going to tolerate being lied to time after time? And why it seems as though our intellectuals do not measure up to the NCPs own intellectuals, but instead, some of them are actually benefiting handsomely on our peoples’ misery? And what’s the whole point of some folks wasting their time to obtain some useless PhDs that only brought more and more suffering, to the very people, who somehow along the line, helped them reach their pinnacles?

Well, I know there are some people out there who might be saying, ho! Am jealous because I do have a PhD!! Not all. I don’t begrudge anyone his PhD. Nor am I suggesting that all of them are bad people. I’m just saying that today’s South Sudan should be far well-off than it was yesterday, certainly, due to the fact that the number of educated and intellectuals has skyrocketed in the last few years.

But no!

In fact, some of our own PhD holders (for some selfish egos) have now, literally, become the venues for divisiveness among our people! However, the blood money they’re accumulating, will sooner than later, dissipates from within their hands, just as they say “easy comes, easy goes.”

And at that time, there would be no hideouts, nor even a room for redemption.

The time to wise up, is now!

The author is a Sudanese journalist, and he can be reached at: [email protected]

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