SPLA Should Cease Heinous Acts Against Shilluk People

Innocent people must not be arrested arbitrarily and treated as guilty for crimes they never committed. If this does not happen sooner than later, then the international community should intervene immediately and put pressure on the GOSS leadership to put an end to all the injustices being done on Shilluk people in the hands of the tribalist SPLA. If there is going to be an effective disarmament, let it be carried all over Southern Sudan with the help of the UN forces and in collaboration with all local chiefs rather than a selected few of them. 


Let me again emphasize here by saying that the SPLA should learn to be a non partisan and non-tribal people’s army that protect all the citizens. The SPLA should become serious in becoming a national and indeed a professional army that respects international laws and bill of rights, and not an enemy of the people and a looter of their properties.

Deng Riak Khoryoam lives in Southern Sudan and can be reached at [email protected]

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