Controversy of self determination, and the unity of South Sudanese people

In the end, I feel so much optimistic that all Southerners from different parties in the South will one day unite and rally behind the logo, "Let my people go." That must become true.

In – Conclusion, I said it again and again, our leaders are not saints or angles, but they are human beings, who are subjected to make mistakes. It’s quite alright to criticize them, but our criticism of them should be constructive and not destructive. If we do otherwise, then we’d be throwing away a auspicious gift God has ever given us- our birth-right for freedom. We should judge our leaders for who they are and not what they are, or what tribe they come from. We need to root out tribalism if we stand a chance to become a nation.

And finally, we have to make our solidarity even stronger than ever before, let’s focus on our highest our goal, the united South Sudan, under the leadership of all its sons and daughters. At the end we can sing the old American’s negero spiritual song: “Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last."

Junub el Sudan Oyee. Our unity Oyee.

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