Unity and South Kordufan States to provide full security for the oil companies

June 18, 2010 (Khartoum) — The Governors of oil rich States, Taban Deng Gai and Ahmed Haroun, have met with representatives of oil companies to tackle some security issues in the exploring areas.

“The Governor of South Kordufan state, Ahmed Haroun, and his Unity State Counterpart, Gen. Taban Deng, have agreed during a meeting with officials from the Greater Nile Petroleum Company, headed by Engineer Ibrahim Mohamed, in Higlig, that the two states should coordinate roles and backing up of their security plans at all levels and exchange information in a way that would achieve the best level of security for the company and its operations”, SUNA reported.

The petroleum companies plan to expand their oil exploration and want the two States to increase security and “remove all obstacles facing” their operations.

Sudan depends on oil as its main source of income. Many oil experts believe that much of Sudan’s oil wealth is in the South.

“The company officials have meanwhile reviewed the projects the company initiated to help preserve the environment and the green cover and the biodiversity in the area”, Engineer Ibrahim Mohamed, the point man for the petroleum companies, told SUNA.

Oil was not the root cause of Sudan civil war but it later contributes in the war and further complicates relationships between the two regions.

South Sudanese are set to decide their future in next January whether or not they will remain part of the united Sudan or form their own State.

But Khartoum fears that South secession could result in economic difficulties in the North.

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