Retrospect of Regional Government and GOSS after secession in 2011

Nevertheless, the referendum is mile stone away, and it’s within our reach. Yet there’re some enormous challenges ahead, which will require from all of us to work together. Opposition parties, GOSS, and the civil society. Everybody has a pivotal role to play, no matter how big or small that role might be. I believe with all my heart that all Southerners will vote for separation. I’m also optimistic that after we have cast our votes, South will be a united strong country.

Let’s get this done for the sake of our children.

With that said, I would like to seize this opportunity to support the initiative echoed by H.E. 1st Lt. Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Government of South Sudan, inviting all political parties to a conciliatory summit in Juba. By so doing, the president recognises that he is the father of our nation. He should be commanded for initiating this call for South-on-South dialogue. And this’ truly an important and healthy step forwards for our unity. And when that happens, it will ultimately pull out the red carpet from beneath Omer al Basher and the bigoted company, who work diligently to tear all of us apart.

We need to deny them that opportunity in 2011.

Meanwhile, I would also like to suggest that, demobilisation and disarmament should be stopped at least for a while. Instead, all military activities in the South should be directed to the borders with the North in order to combat any potential danger. But I’m certain that demarcation will not be a big problem, as Foreign Minister, Ali Karti has said, because in reality, we don’t have multiple communities living in either side (South-North), which I think will make solving border dispute a lot more easier than recently thought. In addition, all South Sudanese youths, students, and young men should be mobilised and indeed equipped with everything they need in defense of our independence, should things become ugly, which, unfortunately, is more likely than not.

On the other hand, a peaceful separation is what we hope for, but by no means should we let down our guards for any unwanted eventialities, at least for now. As Plato puts it best “Only the dead have seen the end of war."

Further more, as stipulated in the CPA, the two sides have to abide by the results of Referendum, whatever that outcome might be. However, our plan" B"(as once said by Cde Ustaz Pagan Amum) must be handy, just in case the enemy resorts to its usual delaying games.

And in conclusion, I think we’ve all had it with the oppression and always being the second class citizens in our own land. Therefore, south Sudan must go, and it must go now.

SPLM/SPLA Oyee, South Sudan Oyee.

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