President al Basher: You Can’t Have It Both Ways!!

By Luk Kuth Dak –USA

“The Sharia Law is uncopromisable. If the South doesn’t go along, it must go at once” President Omer al Basher.

July 10, 2010 (SSNA) — Now, is there any diplomatic way to say to a president that he/ she is a liar, insane and a pinhead? Of all people, in this largest country in Africa, the Sudan, the embattled tyrant, President Omer Hassan Ahmad al Basher, should have known that the bitter defeat that he was dealt with in the South at the hands of Ustaz Yasir Arman, was a judgment on him personally.

Virtually, anything and everything that he tries to do (in five months) to make unity attractive to the South, will only backfire. Because he is only being remembered as a savage villain, who has murdered over two million innocent civilians, during the course of his tenure and counting. And I haven’t even mentioned the enslavement and the systematic rape that our young girls and mothers were subjected to at his watch.

But sooner than later, al Basher will find out (the hard way) just that his attempts to bribe his way into the hearts and minds of the Southerners, through some pity projects, will not see the light, because most, if not all, of the southern citizens have learned their lessons in time, and those lessons are now helping them cope with the offensive campaign for the so-called “making unity attractive,” spearheaded by the Vice President, Ustaz Ali Muhammad Taha.

The people are asking the questions, rightfully so, where has al Basher and his skunked loons flunkies been for the past several years since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was singed into law in 2005? Even al Tayeb Mustafa, al Basher’s own uncle (whose newspaper, al Intibaha, has been suspended), questioned the regime’s true motives. In response to the suspension of his newspaper, he fired back: “where were they in the last five years? Or did they just find out what we divulged on even before the CPA became to being? He asked angrily.

But even if al Basher’s campaign is given the benefit of the doubt to succeed, the question remains: is it practically possible to undertake or carry out some major development projects, such as roads construction, schools, hospitals and a university to be named after the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, all in a five rainy months’ season?

The answer to those questions is certainly a NO! But because al Basher’s a Moron, he actually believes that South Sudanese can be tricked and deceived fairly easily, to cast their precious votes for unity, just for building them a few roads and schools here and there. Well, I couldn’t disagree more with him. The sad truth is that our people are already aboard the freedom train that is carrying them to the Promised Land, and no force in the world would want to commit a suicide of trying to stop it.

Evidently, al Basher has made his choice crystal clear. In numerous occasions, he has solemnly committed himself that he will not compromise the “Sharia Law” for the unity of Sudan. So then what this fuss is all about? But unless the President is an outright fool, he should have known that no money- no matter how much- will ever wash away the treacherous memories of his bloody era, for the South to vote for unity.

No more Addis Ababa.

And so whereas the referendum and self-determination are upon us, South Sudan nation is currently awash with both astonishment and anger, and for some very good reasons, too. Their capital city, Juba, has now become the shopping mall and the stock market for those greedy thugs, who seek to make a buck or two or a fame including Vice President Ustaz Ali Osman Muhammad Taha, who has become a part-time Juba resident, in an attempt to sell the so-called attractive unity.

Not only that, even the so-called national TV, which until yesterday, was making a hero out of the renegade SPLA former general, George Athor Deng, is now trying so hard to fool us all once again, by playing what was unheard of before, the African music and folklore!

Quite frankly, and on a personal note, I have lost any faith in a united Sudan, even long before this brutal Islamic extremism. Truth be told, how can there be unity when the regime’s backed Messiriyyah militias are killing the Dinka people in Abyie? And how can there be unity when the al Basher’s regime continues to harbor the haters of the South and carries on creating newer militias to destroy the South. All in order to show the entire world that Southerners can’t possibly rule themselves, therefore they must remain under the North for protection against one another?

However, this is what I suggest that we the South Sudanese citizens should focus on from now until the referendum time. We need to think critically about those who have lost their precious lives, so that our children will have a brighter future. More so, we have to tell the NCP/ NIF murderers to simply leave us alone with their attractive unity, and we don’t need to sugarcoat anything. All they really need to know is that we’ve had enough of empty promises, which often come when it is always too late anyway.

Nothing else is going to be much worst than what we have already seen.

The author is a Sudanese journalist and former anchorman with Juba radio. He can be reached at [email protected]

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