Poem: “Leave Me Alone”

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

July 17, 2010 (SSNA) — Fire-works, will be put in place

To celebrate the pending victory

I am not another beggar

But just another nation

You refuse to listen for decades

It’s time for you to feel

For the deafening ears u turns

Referendum is the answer

I will raise my Flag, for real

For the world to see, and recognize

I will make the change

You refuse to follow

“Those who refuse to listen

Will be made to feel”

Building the Country partially

While killing other parts!!

An enemy, is always an enemy

A manner less brother, will‘ve time to tame

Khartoum! u deserve to be another border

I am departing for a new Country, South Sudan

You exploit, when you were to build

You kill, when you were supposed to serve

We meet at the border, you refused to demarcate

             Good bye!

            May 17th, 2010.

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