Kisanga’s Insatiable Lust for Money

July 22, 2010 (SSNA) — Three days after defecting from SPLM-DC, Charles Barnaba Kisanga spoke yesterday in Juba at a press conference organized for him by the SPLM. As expected, he heaped all kinds of accusations against the party’s Chairman, Dr Lam Akol. He accused him of corruption, receiving money for the party from the NCP, wanting to delay the referendum, supporting militia forces, etc.

Charles Kisanga had to sing the language of his new masters and is lying between his teeth. This is the mantra he was coached to recite for the last three days. If all the corruption he talked about was going on for a year now, why was he quiet for all this time? Why was Charles comfortable with the NCP money all this time, just to reject it after defection? If the Chairman did embezzle millions of pounds for his campaign, then the exact amount must be known. After all, does he need to embezzle money for his campaign?

Charles claimed to have voiced opposition to the corruption, attempts to delay the referendum and supporting militia forces. Where and in which forum did Charles voice this opposition? His report as Secretary General to the National Council is there for all to read.

Charles was dishing out hundreds of thousands of pounds during the National Delegates’ Congress (NDC) without accountability. He would want to continue like that! He forgot that people learn from their mistakes.

The reason behind the defection of Charles Kisanga is one and only one: his lust for money. If the National Council had agreed to maintain his privileges, Charles would still have been in SPLM-DC today.

Charles jumps out from parties always on money issues. As the reader may know, he opportunistically joined the Equatoria Defence Force (EDF) in 2003 when it was preparing to merge with the SPLM/A and was made Secretary General. After the merger between EDF and the SPLM, Charles was given an assignment with Samson Kwaje of the SPLM. Not long after, Charles accused Samson of embezzling money and ran to England. It was from England that he joined SPLM-DC. This tall talk about the thousands that supported him for change is totally untrue. Equally untrue is his claim that he defected with many people. Charles and Co. were given some money to lure them into the SPLM. The objective is clear: to throw mud at Dr Lam Akol and SPLM-DC. Soon he will run away again because he will not get the money he is looking for. A person who spits on his past can always repeat it. Let the SPLM be forewarned!

Michael Deng
20 July 2010
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