Top SPLM leaders playing dirty politics on referendum

July 24, 2010 (SSNA) — Dear Dr. Riek Machar, your stance on the timely conduct is commendable but do you know now that those trying to impeding the referendum are some of the SPLM leaders themselves who are seriously moving and collaborating these days with the unionist Northern political forces? Did you ask yourself why Dr. Salva Kiir is becoming a political sweetheart of Molana Mohamed El-Mirghani, the communist Ibrahim Nugud and the ansari Iman Saddiq El-Mahdi these days?

The answer: because he (Dr. Kiir) fears that if the referendum is not postponed for five years or not done in favour of unity where he is broadcasted in the Sudan TV these days as a pre-voter for unity of the Sudan, Southerners (including you) will vote him out of power in Juba immediately after the declaration of the independence of South Sudan.

Another answer: It seems that the NCP and Northern forces have assured him (Dr. Kiir) that they will protect his current de facto power and wealth if he agrees to postpone the referendum for more years because rigging it in favour of unity might cause chaos or UDI inside the SSLA. Mark my words and prepare for war if you want peaceful referendum that could lead to independence of South Sudan and if you are courageous and capable to lead that struggle!

Dr. James Okuk

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