Hold on with the blame

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

August 8, 2010 (SSNA) — The New United Sudan Vision is mistaken, in relation to Referendum. Some are still blindsided, thinking it was wrong to fight for United New Sudan in lieu of South Sudan independence. But looking at this, there was nothing wrong, for SPLM/A to fight the war they fought. The war was fought with the sense of unity interest which the NCP failed to address or recognize today.

This was/is a wakeup call for the oppressed Sudanese at large. You never know – CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) could have not been reached or granted without that fight for unity of the Sudanese people. You change according to your capacity. SPLM should not be blamed for being unionist in the past and separatist today – Referendum for Secession of the South Sudan as a New Country. Northern government (Sudan Government) has no prove, that the Country should remain as one Country regardless of olden attitudes. Even, if the South votes unity of Sudan. Will the Sudan government in Khartoum, stop raping and killing Darfur civilians!? Think!

In my poem for separation entitled “Better Two Ugly Maps” then the old one we know, then joining kleptocratic and oppressive government in Khartoum. It’s time to let Algeria lead the continent of Africa in size – being the biggest Country in region, in African continent, after Sudan government failed the traits test, due to their Sharia Law and Jihad mentality against non-Muslims in Sudan. Not any more will Southern Sudanese live under Khartoum’s dark skies. It’s over. If you don’t know; follow the story and struggle to where we stand as People and Nation currently.

I also know rest of the regions which fought and stood the ground with SPLM/A – in the name of the United Sudan with respect, justice and equality of all citizens, but the boat could not afford to take more than it suppose to take, just for now. SPLM/A did not negotiate the peace deal alone – CPA without concern of the Nuba mountain, Blue Nile and Abyei areas. Patience is needed here and the struggle continues, the destiny is far from being reached. The South and South Sudanese allies within Sudan must have faith and patience. South Sudan independence is Sudanese independence, the window of peoples’ voices.

Credibility is a must and good to be given to where it’s due. Giving credit to 1997 Khartoum and Fashoda agreements is a crime itself – these agreements; you know who signed them and what they have served at the time. They led to Juba non-failure to SPLA forces and exploitation of oil in Unity State to Khartoum Government. They have done no good to the South or SPLM, but those greedy few individuals who wanted to feed their own greediness as they assumed the South being on sale at thrown away prices.

If you are one of those geese, you must stop relating them with CPA. Fashoda and Khartoum agreement are far from close and parallel like football poles, to CPA.

I thought everyone in Sudan was getting the message, but not Dr. Wathig Kameir – a Northern Sudanese who is also said to be a member of SPLM council. Dr. Kameir had an interview with Mading Ngor of New Sudan Vision on the 18th of July, 2010. Kameir argued that, because Salva Kiir Mayardit – 1st vice president of Sudan and president of the Semi autonomous South Sudan, do not know how to sleep in Khartoum – and this have added to unattractiveness of Unity of the Country. How many Southern dignitaries have been sleeping in Khartoum, since 50’s and they have not been recognized? Even if Kiir stay in Khartoum – this could not help until Sudan government apologizes to the South/Sudanese and rests of the regions within Sudan – which have experienced the brutality of Khartoum regime. Besides, GOS must compensate for their great destruction to the South for the past decades of their inhuman acts.

Dr. Kameir has failed to understand why Southern Sudanese called themselves – second class in their own Country, asking why Junubiin (Southerners) call themselves – 2nd class. If the Northern Sudanese call their Southern Sudanese slaves, inferior and put their religion (Islam) first, developing their Northern parts, undermining the South development including rest of the regions in the Country, despite the rest. Would you tell who is 1st class or 2nd class citizen here! We have seen them barking, because Referendum for the Secession of the Great South is coming, but a dog barking during the broad day light, is barking for nothing – since its day light – no one would give it attention.

“Unity of Sudan is more harmful than Separation,” ~ David Mayen Deng.

Why did Mr. Deng said that, because a unity where few or minority rules and legislates violently with hatred against other communities in the Country, is surely harmful. I know it’s hard for others to believe in Separation or Secession of the South. This is normal. We have seen this in life stages; where kids don’t want to graduate from childhood to adulthood – thinking, moving out of there is the end of their world. After all – things will come to normal. Jot your positive and negative items down from both: Unity and separation and balance your equations well before you go mad.

Mr. Tor could be reached at [email protected]

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