Salva Kiir to Come Together With Dr. Lam for Referendum Sake

By Dr. James Okuk

August 10, 2010 (SSNA) — Let those who have been beating wrong drums and singing donkey songs against the savvy politician, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin, start to hide and feel ashamed now. The truth is coming out and the liars are getting exposed so naked even to the blind. It was Dr. Lam who committed both the NCP and SPLM to get hold of Referendum for self-determination by the people of Southern Sudan and he has been laughing at these CPA partners when the thing has found it hard to go down their throats.

Salva Kiir has come back into his sense after he missed the hell of death when he was rushed to Nairobi for exhausting problem last time. Sooner all the Southerners are going to get together including Gen. George Athor, Lt. Col. Gatlwak Gai, David Yauyau, etc.; for ensuring the greater interest of the people of Southern Sudan. It is high time for the best unity of Southerners on the referendum in their political diversity. This is too great a stand!!!

I am a happy young man these days because the patriotic youth of South Sudan are everywhere (including the very sabotaging Khartoum) demanding for separation of South Sudan by thick or thin and telling whoever tries to block the referendum to go to hell even if he is a SPLM leader or anybody. Well done my age mate! We will be there when we are together and very uncompromising with our dignified future destiny and of the generation to come!!!

When I read some nonsensical news on Sudan Tribune that Over 600 SPLM-DC members defect to SPLM in Unity State, I commented thus: What is all these nonsensical news when there is a preparation going on in Juba now between the Alliance of South Sudan Political Party (SPLM-DC included) and Salva Kiir himself as the GoSS president to start a dialogue and reconciliation for unity in diversity of Southern political forces for the purpose of referendum?

It is not a secret these days that the SPLM is already in troubles because many challenges are heaping up day after day as the agreed time for the referendum comes nearer. That is why Salva Kiir is begging those of Dr. Lam Akol and Hon. Bona Malual now to help him with the mess he has created in the beloved South. It is known that Kiir is afraid of the referendum and Dr. Riek Machar and he want strong people to help him.

Let those who do not know about this new very good development go to ask the deputy chief spy of the Sudan, Dr. Majak de Agoot, and he will tell them more.

Stop nonsense and let’s talk of reality!!! What is important at this critical moment is not who defects to where but how to ensure that the referendum takes place successfully under Southerners’ unity.

SPLM is not the South because South Sudan is greater than the SPLM. Without unity of all Southerners there will not be successful referendum. Together we stand to thrive but divided we fall to perish.

Dr. James Okuk is a concerned Southerner reachable at [email protected]

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