National Anthem Needs Some Changes

Dear South Sudanese,

September 16, 2010 (SSNA) — I am appealing to all South Sudanese all over the World to talk to their MPs in Juba to remove some words from the National Anthem completed by the committee. I applaud the fact that the committee accommodated the critics by removing the previous title "Land of Cush" and replaced it with "South Sudan". That is a good development.

However, since the members of South Sudan Legislative Assembly will have the final say, let every Southerner talk to their member of parliament to remove the followings words: Cush, Eden, milk and honey, hard working people and first civilization.

Please, know that it is SSLA that has the final word on the national anthem. Those who want to see some modifications must not sleep and should talk to South Sudan members of parliament who will make some changes.

From today, contact your member of parliament in Juba and tell him the things you don’t want in the national anthem.

Gordon Buay
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