Living in Disintegration Unofficially, But Want to Make it Official

On a Quest Home: – “Freedom Walk” is a “Final Walk to Freedom” ~ Southern Sudanese

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

September 17, 2010 (SSNA) — The Sudanese people are and have been living in disunity illegally – though they all own the name Sudan together and live under this names (Sudan and Sudanese), since creation of boundaries. The Sudanese mass are not who they think they are … You may say why? – and I would add because: The few Sudanese tribes in the North of the Country are ruling the Country kleptocratically and dictatorially, on one rule in regard to one race and one religion (Islam and Arab as claimed) – living out more than 30 millions other Sudanese people with Christianity, or Islam-friendly-approach and other traditional gods or beliefs. In more than 100 tribes from all directions in Sudan – who did not claim Arabization and Islamization to dominate the Country’s wealth, power and modernization. Keeping pure water, lights and tall buildings in few cities, in Northern Sudan. This is disunity and it means war on its own status.

The Southern Sudanese patriots on their quest home must make the illegal legal – meaning; making illicit disintegration legal. The Disunity which has been played illegally against other African-Sudanese-tribes for years by the Sudanese government is coming to an end on January 9th, 2011 – through Referendum for the Secession of the Southern Region. South Sudan has suffered the consequences since the two civil wars were fought in the South by the Sudanese government against local tribes there – just to tell you about the olden part of the story, while I remember the Darfur today and the Abyei, the Nuba mountains and the Blue Nile of all times. Not forgetting the proxy war by the same Khartoum government against Southern Sudan stability and the ability to rule herself.

Do you think is Sudan in unity, even you who have been paid to eat and talk unity or disintegration? Those who have been paid or nudge to do their dirty policy are not even in unity with their nativities. Leave alone what they preach for their own mass conviction targeting unity as the right choice of the Country. The Sudanese people have been living in this faked unity for years but that was a peril. The Southern Sudanese have always chosen unity against disintegration, but always found themselves fighting wars they are forced to fight. Fighting for referendum is the right choice for the South to make. And yes! Don’t quote me wrong here – to fight does not mean gun, or gun alone.

One of our most Southern Sudanese patriotic artists in the South, Panchol Deng Ajang says:”you will repay what you have eaten illegally, the self claimed Arab will not get to own our home (South Sudan), the land is not divided for you to sell your part of the land, we are fighting for all for our general freedom”. This was said disregarding those few-food-hired-geese by the Sudanese government to work hard to distort the Country for the other few to be prosperous in their dirty lives and businesses, while other majority-millions in the Country suffer while growing poor. That same Northern government which is paying Khartoum collaborators will ask them soon to repay their money when South win the independence quest; on the Referendum day – they will return their paychecks which they have received for days, months, years, or decades – there will be no exception, these fellows must worry for their own lives, not unity. Bashir will get them caught and lockup – if lucky not to be murdered. The idea of keeping South in the dark is going to fail in three months time.

Separating or uniting Sudan has not been explained by Sudan government than saying unity is good for the Country; because the ruling party of NCP (National Congress Party) knows exactly what it does imply to cut Sudan into parts. Khartoum’s gratuitous blames and claims of: “South is not qualified to rule a village leave alone a Country” – “South will break up into more divisions – when allowed to separate” – these are unacceptable insults – which GOSS could not tolerate. Southern Sudan can rule herself like any other Country on earth. The South rules herself in the bush with almost no resources during the two civil wars successfully; so what make the ill-advised NCP to believe that the creation of a New Nation (South Sudan) is impossible.

The people of Southern Sudan do not need Unity but Peace and Separation. If unity helps, it could have help Darfur’s abuse, rape and massacre done directly and indirectly through destructive-proxy war by Sudan government. If there was a sense of unity in Sudan – the North could have not dishonored more than several accords of peace, power sharing, wealth sharing and self-determination between the North and the South made and aborted from 1940’s to 1990’s – 2000’s is not an exception.

On the North-South relations: “the SPLM/A would not allow itself to be dragged into war, but should it be forced to, he added; that this time, God would know that we are fighting a justified war and we would defeat anybody that would fight us” said, South Sudan President and Sudanese 1st vice president (Unity Government) – May 16th, 2010 – Martyrs’ Memorial Day. ~ Salva Kiir Mayar-dit.

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. ~Leon J. Suenes.

The Author can be reached at: [email protected]

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