Who Is Really Second Class Citizen in the South

By Dr James Okuk

September 28, 2010 (SSNA) — This propaganda and mob psychologizing called "Second Class Citizen" does not apply to some Southerners as their situation indicates now. Can it be denied that those of H.E. Salva Kiir, H.E. Riek Machar and other SPLM and GoSS leaders are "First Class Citizens" with the luxury they enjoy in the islands of poverty in Southern Sudan? Can someone with fat bank account, especially in foreign country, and with my new brand cars (Hammer, Prado, etc), apartments, mansions or villas inside and outside the country, and who can fly at will to any part of the world be called a "Second Class Citizen"

Surely, with wealth shamelessly amassed by many of our corrupt brothers and sisters in Juba and other states of Southern Sudan who are related by blood or tribe to either of the mentioned SPLM leaders, do you think they are different from the "First Class" Afro-Arabs elites citizens in Khartoum and other parts Northern Sudan? I can say without any doubt "No". The only "Second Class Citizens" in the South are the poor Bari whose ancestors land have been confiscated and renamed with other tribal languages ( e.g., Jabel Dinka or Bilpam = Mountain in Nuer language), the Kakwa whose people are just being shot dead in Yei with impunity, the Azande whose villages are being left by the SPLA to be terrorized by the LRA, the Shilluk whose land is being confiscated by Padang Dinka network, and the etc.

My friend, the SPLM/GOSS has already created classified societies in the South – the few rich, the many middle and the more poor – and it is being unrealistic to say that when we are done with the Jellaba of the North then Southern Sudan is going to be a classless society with no second class but only the first one enjoying the same wealth and luxury without marginalization when things on the ground are totally opposite. This utopian deception has already expired with the death of Karl Marx long ago, and most Southerners are still going to remain second class citizens even third class citizens when South Sudan becomes an independent state under the current SPLM corrupt and tribalist rule on the coalition of Nuer-Dinka in Juba and with few from other tribes who are used as rubber stamps or just out of friendship. History is my witness. Stay Well.

Dr James Okuk [email protected]

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