Best Gift God Gave South Sudan Is Unity of Its Leaders at this Moment

By Dr James Okuk

October 17, 2010 (SSNA) — I am overjoyed today for the good news that has been made in Juba by the leaders of Southern Sudan. The South-South Dialogue through the conference of the All the Political Parties and Leaders concluded with greatest hope for the right and dignified destiny of South Sudan.

Because of being negative and suspicious on ourselves in most occasions, the South has wasted a lot of energy on creating and reacting to negative things. Now, after the success of the just concluded All Southern Sudan Political Parties and Leaders Conference, the widened gap of negativity from our own selves shall get bridged. We shall hereby have enough time to gear our energies towards the positive side of our realities, starting with offering the best atmosphere for the conduct of the credible referendum for self-determination as agreed in the CPA.

And the best thing we can offer to our President of Southern Sudan, H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, is to stand by him at this difficult time so that the declaration of South Sudan independence could be made possible under his embracing leadership. We shall overlook his human weakness and magnify his strengths in synergy with that of all South Sudan leaders and people.

Together in unity we shall emerge victorious to take our inviolable right to independence of South Sudan Republic. Never again shall we accept to get divided. History has been made to add to that of Juba Conference at the down of the Sudan independence in 1947. The greatest history of all is just on the way to be made finally in South Sudan in 2011 to quench our thirst for dignified freedom from independence. So God help us!!!!

I am a very happy separatist now.

Dr James Okuk, [email protected]

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