Southern Parties Symposium in Juba is Historic Deal

By Butrus Ajak, Australia

“19 October, 2010, the Southern Sudan 23 political parties, conferences in the region’s capital, Juba, have come out with a united voice and called for timely and transparent conduct of the region’s referendum on independence scheduled for January 9, 2011”. Wow!! I can’t wait for that day to come.

October 21, 2010 (SSNA) — The future of South Sudan looks determined and begins to take shape gradually. Southern parties coming together for the first time to decide their children future in the forthcoming referendum!!! It was historic deal. I was overwhelmed to see almost all Southern Sudan parties united and gathered in Juba to discuss the future of the region. Beyond words, it was crystal clear our elders finally heed the imperative of word “Unity”. Together unanimously and collectively we are determined to accomplish the long struggle that had taken our leader soul and countless lives of our innocent people.

In essence, Southerners of this century really seems to outwit the Jallaba in many ways. The consensus resolution reached by the Southern parties in Juba was a huge blow to NCP regime if all got to stay true to such done deal. The decision taken and orchestrated by the SPLM leadership to summon all Junubin parties and agreed on one common destiny of the South Sudan was apt. such event has gone down in the South Sudan history as an achievement of ruling party of the region the SPLM. Long live South Sudan unity.

Besides, there are people out there who aren’t contented with the SPLM decision of pardoning and forgiving the renegades who rebelled against the government of South Sudan following April election. Their belligerents and dissident took innocent lives at a time peace prevailed. They were expected to be brought to justice so that they are held to account for the destruction and distraction they caused to South populace and infantile GOSS. But I personally viewed the decision made by the 1st Vice President of the Republic of Sudan and President of the Government of Southern Sudan 1st Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit was sanguine enough. South problem is much bigger than those of George Athor, Galuak Gai just to name few.

The other controversial debate and an issue for discussion was the inclusion of the former Minister of Foreign affairs and leader of a breakaway party, SPLM-DC, Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin and Bona Malual Madut Riing, the Presidential Advisor for President of the Republic in the forum. Malual Madut and Lam Akol are point of trepidation here. Southerners felt suspicious of these gentlemen who have history of political prostitution and above all, the two seem to have much more in common with Jallaba than Southerners. These gentlemen gave SPLM leadership hard time for the last five years and I hope I shouldn’t dwell much on what each did I expect Southerners knew exactly who these guys political perspectives towards South are!

As per se, Lam and Malual both had extended families in the South Sudan, and therefore it is this phase in our history that they should make a U-turn so that the history records the last best part of their contribution to Southerners. As we shall all die someday, it is a necessity to leave back a remarkable story for your children and everybody else connected with you in kin. And therefore, I hope these elements shouldn’t backslide from the Juba consensus this time.

Thanks to these two heavy weight and our elders Malual and Lam for finally coming into their senses and agreed a call of Unity by Southerners.

Abraham Lincoln once said and I quote: “A house divided against itself cannot stand that long” It is the same scenario here. Our people suffered a great deal in the hand of Jallaba by using our own sons and daughters if there was one to cause commotion, havoc and feud in the South to suit their intention and kept on exploiting our resources. This shouldn’t be allowed to repeat itself. And it is through our strong and healthy unity that we can all circumvent Jallaba invisible hands that destroy us year in and year out. Together we shall shame the devil in Khartoum.

Butrus Ajak is concerned South Sudanese and a Swinburne University graduate who reside in Victoria. He is reachable at: [email protected]

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