Second Israel: Where Is the King?

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

“The Technologies of War Might Have Changed, but the Results of War Have not Changed” – George W. Bush (January 28th, 2003).

October 26, 2010 (SSNA) — Please bear with me – I know you may not be a religious person or Christian but excuse me to tell you a story.

Zion means: Israel, Jews State, Heavenly Kingdom, and City of Eternity or Holy Land. You might have heard Bashir and his like-Northerners, calling the South Sudanese, their friends and Supporters worldwide – Zionists and pro-Israel, when a statement that favors Secession of the South is announced. Yes! Because they are not Jihadists, they could be Zionists – the 2nd Israel (South Sudan) must come to exist. “How I think about Israel is how I think about the children of Cush” said God, the Most High – Master of all lives (Old Testament – Bible).

The Sudanese minister of defense, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein – on his recent visit to Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, according to Oct. 19th, 2010 Hussein talked of Referenda postponement to create rooms for negotiations on the grievances, both North and South Sudan have disagreed upon in regards to creation of a new  Country (South Sudan) within Sudan. Besides, Hussein called “Referendum not a goal, but a tool” and if it’s not a goal, it’s not a plan. This is another campaign to bury the Referendum in its validity. Referenda to the South and Abyei and Popular Consultations to the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains States/provinces are goals to the people and the regions in which they were made to exist. Tools would be the protocols within the agreement signed by the two governments in Naivasha, Kenya (2005) during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

The Story:

In the Book of – 1 Kings 3: Verses 16 to 28 (Bible). There were two women which the Bible called loose women. The two were living in a house by themselves. One woman gave birth 3 days before the other one delivered her own baby. The woman who gave birth after the first delivered, slept over/rolled over her own kid and found the kid dead when she was trying to feed her in the middle of the night. So she thought it would be clever to take the dead to the side of the other colleague-woman while sleeping or {you can call her a roommate}. She did take her dead kid to the side of the other, laid it there on the side and came back to her beddings with a kid that’s alive and not her own, because she have killed her kid accidentally, while she needs one.

The mother of the stolen alive – kid woke up afterward at the same night trying to breast feed her kid but found it dead, not knowing the cause of its death. The day broke and the mother looks at the kids closely and found out its not her own, but when she try to tell the woman she lives with about the case, the woman denies that the dead kid is her baby, though she knows the exchange she have done during that night – the argument continues to the King and the judge (King Solomon) of the Land of Israel. The woman who has the dead in her hands which is not her baby starts to explain to the King – King Solomon. The kid in my hand is not my kid but might have been exchanged during our night sleep to my side – claiming the living kid as hers, according to the story. The other woman said the same and the argument continues repeatedly before the King. Each of the two women claiming the living kid as her own.

Since no one of the two women seem to claim the dead kid but all claiming the living kid. King Solomon said to the two-women, bring the sword and the sword was brought. Cut the living kid in halves, so each can take half, said the King. The mother of the dead kid said yes go ahead – cut it in halves– that’s better and the mother of the living kid said, no! you better give her the kid – leave it alive.

The King got his own judgment: give the living kid to her mother (the one who refused the kid being cut into halves). The Land of Israel was amazed by King Solomon’s wise decision.

By telling this story I am taking South and North Sudan as these two loose women living in their own house – under the same roof. And here we are not lacking that same dishonest woman (Khartoum). The NCP in Khartoum has slept over her kid (Referenda – CPA) and wanted to come over to own the SPLM’s part of the partition in destruction, by sending Misseriya tribe against Abyei Referendum and debts, border demarcation among others to thwart the South on Referendum for Unity or Separation. The North’s ruling party of NCP did not know this day was going to come and now it’s here. Southern Sudanese five years ago called the 6 years interim period long waiting, but it has arrived so swiftly without delay.

It’s now upon the South to pay, to make this day a reality. The price is in different forms and the patriotic comrades of the land must be ready to pay those prices wherever they are in honor of the roll of honor. One of our living witnesses of Southern Sudan said, “we have a government and legislative assembly to declare any state of emergency if the North force itself and this unattractive unity into being”  It will be a dangerous mistake to the GOSS – if she let the day go without possessing it. The Southern Sudanese are proud of their Juba government because of the stand they have made against Sudan government (terrorists ally). The ground on which the Government of Southern Sudan stand is sufficient in the face of this evil.

Bashir and his top official have said this clearly couple times; “No any other alternative to unity is acceptable or will be accepted by the Sudanese government in Khartoum”. This statement is invasion of the South in its nature. The weapons might be modern but the risk of war is not modern to both parties. Bashir is trying and have been trying real hard to junk the CPA – attempting to add in some items which were not part of the CPA just to delay the Referenda to its expiration, so people will say nothing when CPA has no validity. And any action against their ill plan by the GOSS is call – unofficial when the talk illicit claims into the Referenda. So where is the King?

Bush addressing USA in 2003 said, “if this is not evil, then evil has no meaning” in reference to Saddam Hussein’s raping and mass murdering of his own Iraqi citizens. So if all the agreements; the North have signed and dishonored, the mass raping and killing that have been seen in Southern Sudan for the decades passed and now in Darfur being done by the Sudanese government. The North (Sudanese government) didn’t confess or apologize for. If it is not evil, then evil has no name. All the Southerners must call this evil by her name, by registering and dependable voting for their own Independent Country on January 9th, 2011.

Motivation on inspiration:

Winston Churchill said, “Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe”. The Northern Sudanese Arabs of Bashir’s brain and the NCP believe in themselves and themselves only to rule and exploit – calling Southern Sudanese incompetent. That’s not the world we need to live.

God be praised – the cookies’ train that arrived today in Wau Town did not come 5 years ago. The blindsided could have been trapped into unattractive unity – not knowing they have been bribed not to speak for their rights. Thanks for the delay.

They have been driven by the spirit of $$$$$$$$ and lust of office, but not of brotherhood.

The Author can be reached at: [email protected]

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