Tears of Deceit Against Tears of Innocence

By Gabriel Makuei Tor

November 5, 2010 (SSNA) — South Sudan is not going to feed the devil, but rather starve it to death – comes January 9th, 2011 and what may come on or before the official Referendum date.

January 9th, 2011 is a treasured date by the Southern Sudanese at home and abroad. So don’t trash it. It’s unity or disunity of the Sudanese people when you hear them talking about the Southern Sudanese Referenda. Both sides are feeling the pain, from North to South but in different ways. The Northern Sudanese including their NCP are crying in different ways. Those Northern Sudanese officers in South Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC), who said that there is no enough time left for referendum to be, continued to held on January 9th, 2011, those who have their real fallen tears and those with resignation as we have seen from the SSRC spokesperson – all these are types of the crying folks for the Sudanese cracking map.  When you see a Northerner dropping his tears for the Sudanese partition – he is dropping tears of deceit because of their unbendable behaviors toward the South, caused rooms for division, and when a Southerner drops his tears, he is dropping tears of innocence because he is forced against his will to separate.

The Northern Sudanese do not want the South to separate, not because Southerners are Sudanese citizens like themselves, but because of the economy and the degree of integrity they are losing hold of, as part of a nation. Even if all the Northern Sudanese in SSRC resign with the weight of pressure behind them from Omar El Bashir in Khartoum – Referendum must go as scheduled.

If the Khartoum government did not have time to settle issues of border demarcation among the rest on the list of Naivash protocols five years ago, what will make it have enough time in four to five months to make a fair judgment to gratify the grounds of concern between the SPLM and NCP?

A gentleman from Northern Sudan made a comment in Oct, 2010 on www.SouthSudannation.com. “Is South Selfish against North? Don’t you think it is unfair for us in the North for the South to redeem its freedom while the North continues to be brutalized by El Bashir regime?” Mohamed El Sokii. Yes! El Sokii, South is not selfish about the North but the government in power is selfish against the South and if Northern Sudanese believe in your term “brutalized” they could have not slept and waited for no man to do it for them. Why didn’t they (brutalized Northerners) join the South in the struggle against brutalization? Everyone from the North who thinks there is something wrong with the Sudanese government would have made a statement in a struggle to free the Country from those few crooks. This is what Deng-Tior called “tears of deceit” and others called it “fox tears”.  You can’t cry in refusal for the South to secede when you didn’t cry when the South was mercilessly killed, refused the right of citizenship, to education, power and wealth sharing in their own Country of origin and nativity, forced out of her thousands villages into the bush to live her life in the wilderness for over two decades.

Some Southern Sudanese have dropped their tears when they think about South and Abyei’s Referenda.

Not because they are losing something of importance but because they are feeling how the region has been forced to choose to go by the ruling party of National Congress Party (NCP). This is according to how the South has been treated in comparison to some Northern States. The brutalization of the Southern region by the Government of Sudan since fifties is unforgettable.

Northern Sudan has been gaining integrity on the South’s expenses. This has now come to cease. The South realized that it’s time to stop paying for what doesn’t pay back; fighting to keep the Country in justice, wealth and power sharing, peace and unity, that’s unable to keep herself together as one nation.

The El Bashir government had kept the South in the Bush and Darfur in the desert for years and David Mayen Deng has to say this about the Country:

Orchestration for destructing of the southern Sudanese referendum is unlawful. Here is the thing people should remember when taking politics, there is no saint in politics, and every government has its dirty secrets known to her alone. But in the Sudan, ours is quite a bit weird. NCP has been ran by pure criminals and the president of the republic of the Sudan is the unmerciful gangster who had crossed the line of criminality, listed among the most wanted men in the world to face justice, and still roam the world on the so call popular high-ranking-secret visit. Who do you think will ever catch him and put him to jail! No body, so as long as the oil is still liquid. President Bashir will fly and the oil flow… this is the game.

We negated to be part of the game.

The Egyptian government from being blamed by the Sudanese government of being inactive in Sudanese crisis couple months ago – now becomes repeatedly active in recent months with conspiracy to procrastinate the Southern Sudanese Referenda for Self-Determination, from its lawful date (January 9th, 2011) toward the mid of 2011, according to Middle East News Agency. Egyptian government could have sought historians from Southern Sudan to apprehend the Sudanese differences before sending its conviction of avoiding the date and consideration of confederation to the world.  The commentator said this – regarding the postponement of Referendum as sympathized by the Egyptian government in support to Sudanese government – “aim of delaying the referendum is to introduce even further delay. If it can be delayed now; it can be delayed in six months time”.

GOSS’ leadership has made a courageous stance about the referenda, knowing how the deceitful NCP’s enormity and kleptocracy have ravaged the Country for years. Comrade Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, Pagan Amum and their colleagues have made the move a reality and Southern Sudan a Country to be, Many thanks for keeping the South afloat. The GOSS must keep this in mind: Any call to change the Referenda date is an indirect call for unity and making Southern Referendum less effective or of a lesser value, which may grow into no referendum at all.

“Don’t give the devil a chance,” Said, Saint and Ambassador Paul.

The Author is reachable at [email protected]

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