Today, State of Arizona kicks-off the referendum campaign!!!

By Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

“The referendum is not only for those who are alive, but, it’s also for those who died for it. And the only thing that will prevent you not to vote is if you died”. Said by; David B. Choat

November 7, 2010 (SSNA) — Amid the referendum fever, these days of the year in the united States of America, if not the whole world around us, there seems to be some anxious and mixed-feelings about the results and the outcome of the most historical event of south Sudanese indigenous people, who are expected to head to ballet boxes to exercise and to determine their fate and their ultimate goals, and to choose between being a second-class citizens, if they vote for unity in the much anticipated referendum, which convene on Jan. 9th 2011, or to liberate themselves and become the newest country in the twenty-first century.

Furthermore, as an Arizonian, I admit that the selection of Arizona state to be the host and poll station for registration and voting during referendum process of Western conference states doesn’t comes in isolation, but it came as a result of some hard work, dedication, commitment, and excellent representation of its people, who have work hand -in- hand since the era of our liberation struggle. The role of Arizona battalion during Kapoita town liberation was a living proof. Clearly, hard works paid off handsomely. Today, the Arizona task force, under the leadership of the Sudanese community office in Arizona, is honored to be launching a very aggressive kick-off campaign, for the historical referendum. The campaign will continue for the next two months till January 07th 2011.

Certainly, we are very pleased for the arrival of the delegation term that was sent by Goss Mission in Washington DC, which composed of the most brilliant and intellectual individuals in the persons of Comrade, David Buom Choat, the political affairs officer, and Ustaz Enock Daniel Awejok, the protocol and public relation officer respectively.

The gentlemen elaborated the themes adequately, and articulated the referendum act protocol process of south Sudan in a very excellent explanation and in a diplomatic way, which addressed and erased all doubts and many speculations that are circulated around by the elites and their allies.

Honestly, the two officers should be commended for playing a fabulous role and beyond. Surely, there is no doubt that they are the right people for the right job. So thank you guys!

It’s worth-mentioning here that we remain hopefully that the International Organization of migrants (IOM)  will work hand-in- hand with the two partners ( SPLM & NCP),  Sudanese civil societies, and State authorities, to conduct the referendum process in a peaceful, conducive, free, fair, and transparent.

At this juncture, I would like to stress my personal opinion, due to the essentiality of the matter, I urged all Southern Sudanese people, wherever they are, to control their emotions, be professional, restrained, and avoid any hostile situation that can jeopardized the referendum results, and which might not meet the international standards and recognition.

Thus, before you registered your good name, please think twice! if you happened to have any shadow of a doubt about how to vote, then I ask that DON"T register. But you should remember that the future of South Sudan nation rests on the shoulders of your decision. And yes, you don’t want to be a nomad, and vagrant again wandering in your country.

South Sudan Oyee…


The author is a Criminologist, and human rights activist, and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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