Never, ever vend your Birthright to Jellaba

By Butrus Ajak, Australia

November 22, 2010 (SSNA) — As referendum registration process proceeds in the Sudan and outside the Sudan, worrying speculation starts to emerge immediately. This news has it that, Jellaba sends their stalwart out in big numbers to buy all voting cards they find and burn them to suit their ulterior motive i.e. (NOT WANTING SOUTH SECESSION). It may be hearsay and assertion as it may be, but, there is an old adage in English that says: “There is no smoke without fire” Where there is smoke fire must be present. It’s a perturbing and unwholesome talk and for that matter, a concerned Southerner like this author is forced to write this warning article for our fathers, uncles, mothers, grandfathers, brothers and sisters to watch out.

NCP is facing an imminent defeat ladies and gentlemen and therefore, they are frustrated and trying all given avenues to retain Southerners from attaining 60% registered voters required for the referendum plebiscite for South Sudan to be confirmed legitimate. No matter what it takes Jellaba to do, they will try all means to screw it up. And furthermore, they intend to do away with 51% normally called simple majority to get registered by collecting the cards and destroy them. Before I go further on this matter, I want to take you to the Bible, Old Testament a story where sons of Isaac, Esau and Jacob were indulged into the similar situation where they latter on become bitter enemies. In the Book of Genesis Chapter 25 through to Chapter 33, Isaac son of Abraham gave birth to twins namely Esau and Jacob in that order. It happened when Esau jokingly sold his birthright to Jacob for a mere meal something of which he felt sorry at the long run. Jacob the youngest son became the eldest as he stole the birthright from Esau and he was made the Lord over his brothers by their Dad. Jellabas want to buy our birthright so that they remain our Masters.

Southerners, we mustn’t be deceived again, we mustn’t allow ourselves to be misled into selling one’s right for material thing, something one can use overnight. Referendum is an eternal mania, a long lasting freedom we Southerners been denied of by these filthy traders. It does absolutely serve no purpose to sell away one’s right to Jellaba for couple of dollars.

The other nauseating notion here is that, some Southerners tend to boycott exercising their right citing that “South Sudan independent” will grant Nuer and Dinka right to extend their domination in the ruling of South Sudan. A friend of mine we met at the coffee table insinuated that he wasn’t interested to register so as to vote. When I tried to interrogate why he said so, he told me he wasn’t impressed by how Dinka and Nuer are ruling the region. “The way these people handled themselves when in helm of power is heartbreaking” he said. I tried to convince the gentleman that all these messes and predicaments will change once Gorilla leaders who are currently ruling GOSS step aside and so he should vote. He refused totally saying Jellaba is even better than those Southerners. These are clear sign that Jellaba has already done their homework inciting our people against our people.

In light of the aforementioned scenarios, we all need to be carful enough so that we are not victim of our awful decision again. Those registered must keep their cards secure and must as well make sure they cast them come 9 January, 2011. Selling one’s birthright is condemned by all Southerners it’s unforgivable sin. If at all one get caught, you will be thrown into dungeon for treasonous act.

We, in Australia are aware NCP lousy agents are already here with us with looted billion of dollars to procure our cards and rob us of our freedom as they did in 1972. Are Southerners ready to remain suppressed by these filthy traders for how long? Are we ready to remain second class citizens in our own Country for how long? Let’s not allow Jellaba invisible hand again to play a role within us. I have stated in one of my previous article entitled “Genesis of Freedom” that reaching where we are or signing CPA wasn’t anybody goodwill, we attained it by laying down our dear live so that our children and grandchildren are free. Therefore, CPA and its referendum was a pyrrhic goal. No one should tamper with it!!! If by any chance one needs to become an obstacle to it, we can’t see you but ALMIGHTY GOD of Southerners is observing your every diabolic move. Let’s all try to deny Jellaba a chance to get away again with this God’s given opportunity. It a matter of a year or two and we will all be well of.

Butrus Ajak is a concerned Southerner living in Australia. He is reachable at [email protected]   

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