Why I Understand The NCP’S Anguish!!

By Luk Kuth Dak – USA

December 1, 2010 (SSNA) — Sometimes, I can honestly and truthfully say that, I understand the anguish, the anger, the distress and the grief that the NCP and the NIF are nowadays suffering from, now that the separation of the South Sudan all but eminent.

Indeed, if were to put ourselves in their shoe, I bet we would be mad, too. After all, who really wants to be amicable, especially if you pretty darn well know that you’re just about to loss one of the most – if not the most – precious things in your life – slaves, wealth and may be even your future?

Such, was the exact same feelings that had tormented the White slaves owners in the United States of America in the aftermath of the “ Emancipation Proclamation” or, the declaration of freedom for enslaved people in confederacy, which sparked the anger of then Alabama Governor, George C. Wallace, who was – at the time – running and campaigning for the presidency, to disgorge one of the most bigoted and racist statement: “ Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

As we all know, for the last half a century long and counting, our fellow countrymen –supposedly anyway – in the Northern Sudan, have taken advantage of the people of South Sudan, Darfur and the marginalized regions. That little minority, has enjoyed, dearly so, the fruit of enslavement, the country’s wealth and the cheap laborers coming by way of South Sudan, particularly.

In reality, to loss all that status and more in a blink of an eye, must be causing them a great deal of irritation, fear and uncertainty, especially as the freedom bells ring in their ears, and referendum’s fever keeps them awake each night.

More so, with the separation, life in the North is ultimately going to be all but a complete (hell), especially if you consider the perpetual devastating impact that comes along, particularly on the economic sector, which, by all means, won’t withstand the loss of more than 70% revenue from the Southern oilfields. Now, let someone tell us just why in the world they won’t be as mad as they did?

Thus, in the midst of all, the SPLM has proven once more, that it’s a more seasoned, more disciplined, and certainly more organized than the NCP and NIF combine. Thanks to its wise leadership that refuses to be dragged into what seems like a daily rhetoric of war mongering by the Pit Bulls of the NCP and NIF.

Like most SPLM leaders the author spoke with in preparing this column, Ustaz Ezekiel Lol Gatkouth, the GOSS’ chief diplomat to the United States and the United Nations, was the more blunt. He said that he’s not in any way intimidated , nor is he flabbergasted by the latest NCP asinine waves of hyperbole threats and boyish statements, which they know very well that they cannot back them up with actions. “ The truth of the matter is that, the NIF and NCP are well aware that they are in an unprecedented disarray organizationally, morally, politically, or otherwise. But at the very same time, they are also not stupid to wage a warfare, because Northern people will not be there to fight it for them, as they did in the past.” He said. “ In addition, he went on to say, they are smarter enough to know that, there would be multiple fronts next time around, if they force the war on others.” Subsequently, Mr. Gatkouth won’t elaborate further, on who the “ Multiple” fronts are, but I think you got the message.

And in a response to my enquiry about the NCP alleged accusations that the SPLM impedes the peace process, by harboring the Darfur rebels in the capital of South Sudan, Juba, Mr. Gatkouth wasted no time to call the allegations “ Nonsense.” “ The SPLM’s position on Dafur conflict is one of bringing a comprehensive and a lasting peace,” he said. “ Those NCP hardliners can ( bark) as much as they want to, but the SPLM will never turn its back on bringing just and lasting peace, not only to Darfur, but to the entire marginalized areas,” he stressed.

Final thought, our ordeal is far from over, because the enemies are working over-time to deny us our freedom. However, the most dangerous enemies of all are – unfortunately – some of those whom we call our own – the likes of the purported professor and the congenital liar, David de Chand, who yesterday, was quoted by (al Ahrem al Yum al Sudania) as saying: “ South Sudan’s not ready to be a separate state.” Really?

You be the judge!

The author is a Sudanese journalist, writer, and former anchorman at Juba radio. He can be reach at: [email protected].

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