South Sudanese people in Diaspora are up to the tasks!

By Daniel Abushery Daniel, USA

December 6, 2010 (SSNA) — Since the beginning of the referendum registration process on November 15th. 2010, my eyes can’t believe what I am seeing and hearing, whether at Phoenix polling stations for West conference states, or others posts that I just heard about their huge and tremendous turnouts all over Northern America, (USA and Canada) collectively is really unbelievable and heart-warming indeed.

Don’t quote me wrong, the reason I why said this is due to the speculations, and rumors that were circulated and still going on up to date about the possibility of rigging the referendum results abroad, and baseless accusations, and the notion of doubting the neutrality of International organization of immigrant (IOM) of being an ally of NCP, and the mysterious 20,000 number, just to mention a few.

All these shameless confusions were creations invented by NCP and its allies, to escalate the state of fear, panic, and chaos among Southerners in order to deny them the right to register!!

Southerners are driving hundreds of miles away to register their good names far from different cities and interstates, despite the difficulties of bad weather these days of the year. Also we all know the types of odd- jobs and the busy schedules that the vast majority of them are doing, which in most cases cannot allow them to take time off to register their names. Therefore, some decided to drive all night after their shifts to register, then, immediately back to Utah, San Diego, Nevada, LA, and Alaska just to mention a few.

But, by all these sacrifices, they have proven beyond reasonable doubt that South Sudan independence is crucial and sine qua.

It is worth-mentioning here that the acts of evil: Persecution, torture, kidnapping, raping and murder that Southerners have suffered at the hands of the new Khartoum colony elites, since so called Sudan independence, seem to be unforgettable and a wakeup call that will remain in our hearts and minds for generations to come.

Thus, even the Southerners who are living in the north of the country are fed up with the situation they are living in as second class citizens for decades in their own country, treating them like animals, threatening them by government officials to double their suffering, if they registered their precious names and vote for secession of the South.

However, the outcome of all these lifelong threats and intimidations have proven not too helpful to Khartoum oppressors, but they are only fueling the anger and bitterness of those poor citizens by not showing at polls stations, which is heroic, courageous and outstanding position.

As I stated before, the southerners living in the North, especially those who cannot afford to transport themselves to the South side said, “We will not register or vote in the North, because the outcome is imminent, due to the lack of fairness, freedom, and transparency."

Nevertheless, if you asked about the referendum news back home in South Sudan, many polls stations runs out of registration materials, due to the overwhelming turnouts of the whole population to registration at polls stations by big numbers above expectation of the referendum committee.

Let me elaborate some tangible facts that may help undecided folks, especially, the Diaspora people hoping that these tips may help them.

First of all, I would like to assure whoever is doubting IOM to know that this organization is one of United Nations branches and an expert in organizing referendum in different countries worldwide. In our case, the vast majority of its employees now, if not all who are working in different polls stations all over America are Sudanese from south Sudan.

The International observers like Carter foundation centre, the host country, various Sudanese community leaders, and Goss Mission representatives as observers. Above all, we keep a closed track on daily registrations figures, the same will be applied during voting process from January, 09th to 15th. 2011.

Second, with any numbers of registered names, whether 20,000 or less, it’s very important for everyone to remember that he or she will only be allowed to vote where their names were registered, no exception. Consequently, the counting of votes will continue until finish, and subsequently, the results shall be declared at the same polling stations, all in watchful eyes and in the presence of all parties and International observers.

In conclusion, my fellow citizens, when our heroes went to the bush and took arms to fight the enemy, who killed and displaced more than six million people’s in South Sudan, our men and women put their precious lives in harm’s way after long struggle to liberate us, and brought our freedom on golden plate, now is our time to choose between slavery and freedom. Failure to participate in this historic process, without genuine reasons, you will live with the guilty conscious for the rest of your life.

My friends, you need a sound minded to live a better life. If you think you won’t make it the polls to vote, don’t register at all. Shalom.

The author is Criminal justice law’s graduate, a human rights activist, and can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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