The Time of Guerrilla Politicians Is Over

Press Release
January, 9th, 2011
January 10, 2011 (SSNA) — After January, 16, 2011, the people of South Sudan must declare in principle that the time of guerrilla politicians is over. From January 16 onwards, the people of South Sudan need development-oriented leaders from Commissioners upwards. The time has come for peace and development and this time needs a different kind of leadership unlike the leadership of the bush. We have to retire the commanders honourably and replace them with people who will rebuild South Sudan from scratch.

From today onwards, South Sudan needs only development heroes. The time of our war heroes is over and we should accord them honourable retirement. 2011 must be marked as the year of ending corruption, Arabism, Islamism, tribalism, sectionalism, cattle rustling, raping and dictatorship.

From today, the people of South Sudan must start thinking about their future and the future of their children. The time has come for new direction and new thinking to build a nation state. If we don’t start thinking about the future of South Sudan starting from now, some of South Sudanese will become refugees again because of poverty, war and corruption that will create more instability in South Sudan in the future. For us to avoid civil wars and poverty, the people must demand new direction that will tackle poverty, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, sectionalism, racism and dictatorship.

The time has come to put ideas together for the future of the South. If we accept that South Sudan has no future under the rule of guerrilla commanders, then, we are starting to work for the future of our children. Starting from January, 16, 2011, the people of South Sudan must demand changes that will ensure bright future for them and for their children.


Mr. Gordon Buay
Former Secretary General of South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF) and the signatory of Washington Declaration between the SPLM and the SSDF in 2008.
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