This is it: A Red Letter Day Finally Arrives

By Butrus Ajak, Australia

January 10, 2011 (SSNA) — The history has finally come true. Many rebellions come and go in the South Sudan and my people have not given up. My people asked for recognition in their Country and they were denied such demand by NCP. They asked only for federation within the United Sudan and Jellaba turned a deaf ear to their request. They were denied equality and fair government. They were denied everything meaningful in their live, which resulted in staging the 1983 mutiny in Bor Town led by flamboyant, trigger-happy southern Sudanese best soldier Kerubino Kuanyin Bol (R.I.P). This last war results into the disintegration of the Sudan now as southerners are fed up of unhealthy relationship with the NCP. Our people’s curiosity to be a free society had taken many lives leaving a lot of children orphans.

Thanks to our grandfathers, fathers and their women who at some point catered for army survival in the bushes of the South Sudan. There is no gain without pain!! Their complete audacity landed us this referendum and hence, it is our people’s responsibility now to shame the Jellaba by voting for secession 100%. Southerners from all walks of life should now begin saying this as freedom marching is on:

  • Bye-bye to marginalization
  • Bye-bye to domination
  • Bye-bye to suppression
  • Bye-bye to Islamisation by force
  • Bye-bye to Sharia law
  • Bye-bye to exclusion
  • Bye-bye to insincerity
  • Bye-bye to hypocrisy
  • Bye-bye to genocide
  • Bye-bye to many other injustices

The list can go on and on. This referendum is a hard-earned goal, and I must not bore people explaining it in details. I believe most of my readers are aware of suffering our people in the south are exposed to by Jellaba. We won’t have reached this end had it not been for SPLA meticulousness.

The infamous regime NCP and many of its other forms had done all it could to torpedo the referendum process but SPLA/SPLM as a liberating party advocating the right of Southerners had been maintaining its ground of making sure referendum is executed as stipulated in the CPA.

The journey through CPA or call it the implementation of the accord had been rocky at best, there were many signs of violation here and there and SPLA/SPLM keeps its nose up. NCP signed the agreement thinking it won’t reach this far like previous agreement thrown into the bin. NCP was and is still known for its political maneuvering, they have done away with several agreements. Given its past style of abrogating agreements, they have shattered the following treaties: Addis Ababa agreement, KPA just to name a few.

NCP promulgated a lot of negative theories about South survival if we separate from North and my people had not heeded those baseless propagandas. And this is it: A red letter day finally comes. NCP has tried to circumvent the implementation of the CPA but our SPLA stood firm for our right, a right denied our people right from 1955 until 2005 CPA was inked. Many cynics should now believe and appreciate the SPLA for fighting a just war.

Securing secession is the ultimate benchmark so that our heroes and heroine shouldn’t curse their death. They all died so that we are freed from the yolk of slavery now and forever. All dead were sacrificial lambs; we shall all remember them in our hearts.

Thanks to Almighty God NCP and its emissaries didn’t succeed in pushing, cancelling, postponing and smothering the execution of the referendum. Your vote and my vote will change our Country for better. Reaching this day 9th January, 2011 never has been that easy, enemies of South created many hurdles to sabotage our right for freedom and now we are almost there.

Let’s all pay homage to our martyrs and think twice when casting our ballots at the polling box.

Butrus Ajak is a concerned South Sudanese Australian. Reachable by [email protected]

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