The Nuer Supreme Council (NSC) congratulates the People of South Sudan

The Nuer Supreme Council (NSC) congratulates the People of South Sudan for Achieving the Golden Millstone in the History of Sudan

Press Release

February 13, 2011 (SSNA) — The Nuer Supreme Council, a Nuer leading political Think Tank organization whose aim is to advocate for social justice, human right, equality and good governance is hereby extending its gratitude to the people of South Sudan, the ruling Party, SPLM under the leadership of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, the C-in-C of the SPLA, the President of the Government of South Sudan, Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Chairman of the referendum taskforce, James Wani Iga, speaker of South Sudan legislative assembly, South Sudanese Political Parties, The UN, European Union (EU), Organization for Africa Union (OAU), and Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Carter Centre, George Colleen and John Prendergast of Enough for the exceptional contributions they have made over the week-long referendum vote. It was no wonder to see people of southern Sudan to have turned out in a large number and voted for secession overwhelmingly, had it not been the fundamental contribution made by these stakeholders to work very hard to make this vote a legitimate.

Assuredly, the success of southern Sudanese in the year 2011 is your cohesive team work in realization to the fact that southern Sudanese have faced the hardest oppression for the period of four decades long. To southern Sudanese civilians, you will be remembered as the right pillar of truth and compassionate people that changed the course of the entire liberation struggle that have raged for 55 years. The Nuer Supreme Council relentlessly voices its happiness and acknowledges your hard work with joy and excitement for the job well done in the making of such an outstanding sacrifice in order for southern Sudanese people to express their voice in the exercise of freedom and right they have never exercised over the past decades. The good will and an act of solidarity in mannerly conduct came because of your genuine spirit and collective actions in favour of the right of the people.

Now that the historic moment has ended with final result of the referendum announced on February 7, 2011 indicating that, the remaining task lies ahead is for us to show to the world that we have been fighting for a reasonable cost. What matter is that, marking the-to-be the difficult and a challenging task in the history of the southern Sudanese does not come with words and less action; it comes when action is louder than words. The road to prosperity is always challenging but yet achievable such that unity in oneness is widely embraced. It is to the conviction of southern Sudanese worldwide to fail the new nation should they work against the will and aspiration of its goal. It is to the conviction of the nation state’s leaders to fail the people if the political harmony under multiparty system is not practically exercised. A sense of solidarity in broad-based collective effort is what builds a nation. Thus, the Nuer Supreme Council do hereby urging the southern Sudanese that such responsibility is not something hanging on leaders’ neck, it is to us all that our collaborative effort and joint work be carried out in adherence to unity, love, integrity, and prosperity. To avoid being looks down upon by the international community and anti-southern Sudan nation is to exhibit our true colour by putting forth with good governance where rule of law and suppression of injustice prevail.

The Nuer Supreme Council applauded H. E. President Kiir Mayardit for standing up to his commitment during tough times for leading the people of southern Sudan to Promised Land. Under his leadership, SPLM has widely gained recognition and so do the people of southern Sudan for not failing their government. To be free, needs harmonious feeling under the theme: promoting the value of the people’s right and liberty. To partake such optimistic feeling is to reconcile one another and iron out the outstanding differences for the making of a new nation comes July 9, 2011.

Finally, the Nuer Supreme Council strongly applauds its support to people’s unity, peace, love and we assure that we will stand firm with them in achieving universal peace across south Sudan. To anti-peace lovers, your position is at odd and unbeneficial and will never have room in building south Sudan nation. God bless you all, and God bless People’s Republic of South Sudan.


Nhial K. Wicleek
You can reach us through Nuer Supreme Council account at [email protected]
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