Atar Community in Diaspora Press Release: A Rebuttal to Padang Press Release

By Pajok Kong Kulang

Dear Atar Community of Paweny;

February 18, 2011 (SSNA) — What is so called Padang community know how to embarrassing a grieving soul, their press release doesn’t make any sense at all. Kudual dun Paweny!  After I read their press release I came to a term that the only way to avoid this Titanic shipwreck is to provide for our posterity to follow the counsel of our god (Kuoth or Nhialic). We must pray for love of mercy, to hold god’s banner high up to the end of our time. Are you ready to cries with us and condemn Bilpam generals in Juba and it driving force George Athor Deng?

It is regrettable that Banydit Salva Kir Mayardit has done nothings to protect innocent and vulnerable civilians. Survivors from Athor is mass execution has come together as one body and  tied the knot around their neck, before George Athor and South Sudan government finished them all. South Sudan will be off the cliff if innocents’ people’s carnage by those leaders, who want to get credit from their tribal lines. By killing their formers rival before South Sudan become a free nation. Nuer in general, will never forget that February 9, 2011 is the day where the whole county was wiped out by George Athor Deng, the stories of survivor is too grim to hear. After I see the mass-graves and the description of what happen from former ambassador Stephen Kuol, his own personal account, it became clear that Mr. Deng waging unlawful war against the citizen of Fangak, the little town turned overboard and dumped into Zeraf River. Athor is army is fire on everything that looks like a life object. “Oh God” our life has been shattered for good. Our women and children float in the River Nile, the deaths is every-where in Fangak County there is nowhere to hide.

Fangak  intellectuals warned the government that George Athor has a thrilled domestic insurrection against the people of Fangak county,  before he endeavor unknown rule of warfare and his unexceptional destruction of all ages, young and old men and women has no differences from Athor is killing machines. To readdress the most humble term Fangak is replicate appeal have been answered only by rambling innocent lives. President Salva Kir Mayardit is character is mark by his previous act as security agent in which he is defines as a tyrant who is not ailing to be the ruler of what becomes a free nation. I have no compromise; my only compromised is to solicit for Salva Kir Mayardit to resign from his office or he should fire Governor Kuol Manyang. Otherwise we will shelter our people with Shell and spear such as the history showed that Dinka Paweny and Padang has no match for Nuer tactics and fighting ability.

Pajok Kong Is a member of Fangak Community, he can be reached at [email protected] or [email protected]

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