The Youth & the Nation: Celebrating Legacies and Setting the Next Agenda

Juba, South Sudan – March 10, 2011
Nuer M. Benjamin
Head of Media & Info Secretariat
MatMedia South Sudan, MMSS
Tel: 0955 998 555
Central Equatoria States, CES
Juba, South Sudan
T 249 (0) 955 039471

March 14, 2011 (SSNA) — MatMedia South Sudan–a national youth media organization duly registered with the government of Southern Sudan — is organizing the Youth & the Nation: Celebrating Legacies and Setting the Next Agenda. South Sudan has just completed the plebiscite referendum on self-determination which resulted in an overwhelming vote for independence. Because of this vote, South Sudan will be soon crowned as the Africa’s 54th nation comes July 9th, 2011. On that day, and even before that day, people of South Sudan will stage all kinds of activities to celebrate the birth of this new nation. Like many of you, MatMedia South Sudan is preparing to pay a special tribute to people, across the whole of the South, whose decisions and sacrifices have made our collective dream come true. The Youth & the Nation: Celebrating Legacies and Setting the Next Agenda is a backward and forward looking programme dedicated to remembering the legacies and resilience of the people of South Sudan who resisted the second and third class citizenship under the mighty fist of subsequent oppressive regimes in the north. The other aspect of the event will be dedicated to setting a futuristic agenda for the country.

This Press Release is intended to educate the general public of South Sudan about the Youth & the Nation event and to also mobilize the public to send in nomination for people whom they would like to see remembered at that event. The criteria for nominations are subdivided into the following categories: (1) military services, (2) women groups, (3) church groups, (4) youth & artists, and (5) political leaders.

After the selection processes, MatMedia will dispatch media personnel to all the ten states to conduct interviews with relatives/colleagues and, if still alive, the nominees themselves. Such interviews will be produced as documentary films for broadcast on major media outlets, and will also play short clips on the night of the Youth & the Nation event. Each community (state) in the whole of the South will have the opportunity to nominate at least five (5) persons which it believed to have uniquely contributed to the liberation struggle.

The second phase of the programme that concern with how the future of South Sudan is going to look like will concurrently attract youth and their political leaders to give speeches which articulate vision for the new nation. MatMedia South Sudan envisions a night that will bring the leadership and the people of the ten Southern States together along with officials from the Government of Southern Sudan. More importantly, this is an event for people of South Sudan to appreciate each other and to reinforce their unity of purpose.

For more information, please refer to the above mentioned contacts or write to [email protected]

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