South Sudan Democratic Army (SSDA)

Press Statement
Date 30/04/2011
April 30, 2011 (South Sudan) — What was published in El-Intibah newspaper about the formation of government of South Sudan in which I was alleged that I am the president, Abdel Bagi Ayiy is vice president, Peter Gatdet Yak the minister of defence and James Gatluak Gai chief of staff.

All this allegations are not true. We are a democratic movement who believes in democratic values in which any leader in the movement who want to hold any position in the movement or in the South must come through elections.

Therefore, we are still in the process of organizing ourselves whereby the interim leadership of the movement will be set-up after certain period of time which shall be agreed upon by the members of the movement to hold convention in which leadership of the movement shall be elected in a free and fair voting.

Lt. General George Athor Deng
Commander- in- Chief SSDA
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