The challenge for South Sudanese Leadership

By Dr. Simon K. Yout

May 6, 2011 (SSNA) — It is quiet longer to read. Dear brothers and sisters in the South Sudan; I have been annoyed by many writers including the official of Goss and SPLM’s representatives since Lit. Gen. Athor Deng clashed with SPLM’s strategies of Election. Many government officials stated their opinions that the problems of the South Sudanese are the following opponents:

1. Omer El- Bashier- the President of Khartoum government of Sudan
2. Dr. Lam Akol- the Founder & President of SPLM-DC and Ex. Minister of Foreign Affairs
3. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak- C in C of SSLA
4. Gen. George Athor Deng C in C of SSDA
5. Gen. Gabriel Tanginye and Gen. Mabor Dhol

First, let me advise you correctly to know that, we, the South Sudanese or SPLM are absolutely wrong to accuse those opposition groups for nonsense reasons. These people are not influenced by Omer El Bashier; they knew what they are doing, unless you are sick to discern their needs of democracy. If, you thought that what you said about them is true, why don’t you remember that you have fought a war with Khartoum government for 20 years? I think that you have no right to blame Khartoum’s system because you are already independent country. Those rebels have right to go to Sudan to find their political asylums according to the international laws. For example, any person who report a thing without genuine evident is fraud.

Honestly, Gen. Omer Hassan El- Bashier is the very excellent president that we had ever met in the Sudan. He is the real Sudanese in nature. He changed from his own military attributes to civil attitudes. We had never met such a good person like; he accepted the peace and approved it officially. He gave the right for the rebels legitimately, though he knew that he has a power to destroy CPA. He never give up the truth due to allegations, he did not abuse CPA’s “Join Integration Unit”. He would cause a severe accidental fighting that would be worse than that of Kaldak during the departure of “JIU” in Kosti, and he would give a very night false report against SPLA better than what you did against Tang and Mabor, but Omar’s general chief of staff never accepted the influence from outside Sudan. He did not attempt to do such a crime against his military classmates. So, Omer won the prize of the CPA successfully, he is the second excellent person to Dr. John Garang whose credit is worthy recommended by God and highly appreciated by people, for Garang had agreed to sign CPA with Khartoum government though he knew not what will happen to him due to peace and reconciliation. John would stay in the bush until he dies, but he gave up his life for the sake of our freedom.

Omer Hassan is no longer our enemy. He and his cabinets are our fellow countrymen and women. Our problem is not Omer El Pashir. It is our own failure to administer the country deliberately. However, our enemy is the system which was set before Hassan El Bashir. Now President Hassan El Bashir changed that system and released us from the bondage of the system which could ruin our future. Gen. El Bashir by his own goodness and Excellency did the PCA wisely! He did it! He did it! And He did it honestly!

If you think my statement is wrong: it is okay for you, but how many presidents have ruled over the Sudan before Hassan El Bashir? And for how long have we been fought to overtake the regimes in the Sudan or to set the South Sudan free? To me, I am well convinced by the history of the country that Omer Hassan El Bashir is the best leader of all African leaders because many African never allowed the rebels to get their right through negotiation, unless he/she is overthrown by force. If this generation does not give thanks for Omer, the next generations will clap their hands and create some songs for him due to his good decision. Otherwise, the freedom will be meaningless to us if we deny the fact.

I believe, if Dr. John Garang De Mabor were alive he would tell us how much important thing of treaty that, he and his president have made for us. Dr. John knew how hard the removal of the government is and how worse the division and taking away the portion of the power and give it to another person is? If the Khartoum government does not really mean it, South Sudan would have no right to vote for referendum in order to reveal their interest. They would cause wisely another problem before the day of choosing for separation. This is true because there were many treaties took place between the rebels and the government in order to bring peace into the Sudan, but many of them collapsed before they reach their destinations.

Please, do you think, the Khartoum officials knew not all the South Sudanese will vote for separation? Surely, they knew that everyone will cast a ballot of separation. But the spirit of freedom comes upon their hearts; therefore, they did not feel jealousy against voting. If Arabs (according to our ideology) changed their minds from being our enemy to brotherhood, why don’t we change our hearts from sanctioning each others? The truth is this; it is our responsibility to organise our community instead of depending on allegation.

This notion will lead us to know not our freedom. “We shall be like a person married with beautiful lady but he is still scary of his wife’s former boyfriend, this man does not know that the bride is already his”. If anything wrong happen to our community due to our own mismanagement, we should recognize it and figure it out in order to find the solution of it. We are not entitled to blame Khartoum government; we are ruling ourselves for sixth years; why do you still looking up Khartoum? Don’t you know that you are the leaders of the “Republic of New Cush” or the “Republic of the Southern of no country? I am sorry! This statement is a memory of the ancient history of the Sudan. But the government of Khartoum is still named as the “Republic of the Sudan”.

If you think Darfur will be separated from Khartoum, let me tell you what will happen to them. They will call their land “The Republic of Darfur or Kordufan” not the “Republic of the Western Sudan”, if Blue Nile and Central Sudan will be separated from Khartoum in the same manner, they will call their piece of land “Funj Republic” or “Republic of Blue Nile”, it will not be the “Republic of Eastern Sudan,” then the Northern Sudan will remain be called “the Republic of Sudan” instead of the “Repulic of Dogola”. Today, the current political geography of Kosti, Rebek, and Senars are entitling the Southern Sudan. What traditional name will you be given to the land ruled by Dinka-Nuer Communities (South Sudan)?

They are ruling you under the authority of “Dinka-Nuer Constitution of the South Sudan”. I think we shall be the South of no location. The word South is not a named, it is a location opposite to the North, if there is no North of the country, there will be no South of the country too. Then our country map will be none geographical location in the map of Africa.

Sudan will no longer be called Northern Sudan unless the West, Central, East are separated from the North, otherwise we shall remain like “Woman without husband”. To me, we are the last descendants of Cush’s community who never get their independent in the history of Kingdom. Eastern Cush named their land “Ethiopia”, while Western Cush named their territory “Sudan”. Egypt and Libya are named after the persons called “Egypt (Mizraim) and Libya (Phut)”(Gen. 10: 6 both KJV and NIV), the brothers of Cush. Now, it is our right time to name our Southern territory, “Cush Republic or the Republic of Cush.” We are the pure descendants of Cush according to our identity stated in the Holy Scripture as “blacks”. We are not just the South, we are Cushitic in history, and the word Cush is the name of a person. It does not mean “garbage or unwanted things” but Arabic named a place of unwanted materials “garbage” “Kush” or el Kush, yet that word does not comply with meaning of our grandfather. The word “Cush” means the “first born” in ancient Latin language. We should name our land in the name of our grandfather to honour him. God reserved it for us. The word Ethiopia and Sudan are the same in meaning, they mean the “Land of the blacks”, a land lying to the South of Egypt.

Second Advice, Dr. Lam Akol is not the problem of South Sudanese; he is very honourable politician among the Sudanese. He has founded a political Party according to the laws of the Sudan. He never compelled people to come to his Party. But you are conspiring against him due to your corruptions. If you fear of him that he is the one who urged people to abandon you, why don’t you allow him to help you how to serve the new country?

Please, let me counsel you, an Opposition Party is not the enemy party it is a Political Party that can correct or challenge the administration of the ruling Party, the same way as the Ruling Party is not a name of the Party. It is a group of people who rule the government temporarily according to the constitutional Laws of the country. The word ruling party is a title for every party which won the election. There is no party called ruling Party. If you believe that Opposition Parties will influence the rebels to overthrow the power why don’t you take over your responsibility seriously to implement the righteousness and justice of democracy?

Let me tell you, our problem as the South Sudanese are:

Pride and arrogant
Superiority and majority
Jealousy and hatred
Greedy and ravenous
Pretending and pretext
Lack of love of nation
Tribalism and clan inspiration
Injustice and discrimination
Negligence and ignorance

If, we do not give up all these characteristics, we shall not enjoy our new country freely. Most of us think that we are heroes because we are the remnants of the war, but we are not, for it is not our righteousness before God that keep us alive, but to me, the purpose of our being alive is to fulfil the vision that killed southern people.

If, some of us claimed that they are suffered of war than any other person for they have been fought for the liberation, how much suffering is it for those who have no guns? Those whose noses, teeth, breasts, hands, eyes, testis and legs have been damaged because of the war you were fighting in the bush. If you that think those who were in Khartoum: politicians, students, businessmen, and business ladies were free of suffering during the war, you will be totally ignorant of liberation. Can you tell me what cause the destruction of seven hundred civilian of Shulik people at Jablin Mountain Village in 1990? Was it not a result of gun fire in the countryside? If you knew that you are the true liberators, you must accept that the result of the struggle against the power has destroyed many innocents everywhere in the country. No matter, you are the witness or not.

Today, you have no right to discriminate some other people due to military background. You will be considered nervous militarily or politically or you may be confused by the blood of people suck by dry land in the name of the SPLA. I think every southern is a member of SPLA/M if we are talking about the term of Liberation. Every one of us faced a severe torture due to the name of SPLA/M. It is a great mistake to make some people unconfirmed, who proud of SPLA/M. It would seem to them like a deceiving Party while SPLA/M is neither a Party nor a name of tribe. It is a name of the Movement which represents the country during the war.

The liberation is not for the liberators; it is for the oppressed people whom SPLM/A claimed to be liberated. They are not soldiers, but innocent civilians. The colonizers do not colonize the soldiers but they are subjugated the community. The work of the soldiers is to set free the innocents from colony instead of torturing them, but I surprise of the great revenge that the Cushitic imposed upon their brothers and sisters.

Concerning the condition of Gen. Gatdet Yak and Gen. Athor Deng is too difficult for us, but it is the responsibility of the SPLA/M to make a good negotiation with them in order to bring the peace into the new country, otherwise, they will grow up to the peak of the Mountain of Keji keji in the South Sudan. Many enemies will encounter them to overthrow the regime before it fulfills the millennium development for the new Cush; though it will take them quiet longer time to do that. Many people will join them very soon, though they have no money, the spirit of democracy will force people to consider them right to be followed. I think it is better to make some changes that may convince them to return to the country before they have gone far off.

The third advice, the attack of Gen. Gabriel Tanginye and Gen. Mabor Dhol at Kaldak is the worse example of all SPLA/M’s administration. It reveals your inability to govern the South Sudan with peace before the formal separation. If you think that you are protecting July 9th against rebels, this action shows that you are not true in your plan. You may be against July 9th too, or you may have been depressed, stressed, frustrated, and anxiety due to the war you fought for long time. If, it is not that, how do you plan to kill people who submitted their forces to your authority peacefully? This incident is a sign that exhibits your evil secret in your hearts. It displays that you are not the loving fathers of the South. You have ruined your beautiful history. Your community lost their trust in you. Peace will be hard for you like finding the finest gold. The result of Kadak’s attack did not destroy only soldiers, but children and women who came to sell their food and materials to the military camp. The commandoes crushed the innocents due to military corruption. You turned our freedom into dictatorship of no speech or press. You have kept everything in darkness to cheat the right of human beings.

The fourth advice, if you think that Dr. John Garang, CDR, William Nyuon, CDR, Rock Thon, CDR Kerbino Kuanyiny Bol will come back to stop corruption and nepotism, you are lost, for it is your time, otherwise, you will be shameful defeated by your own SPLA/M’s members, a part from Dr. Lam Akol.

The final advice, those who put their trust in Dr. Riek Machaaar will be caught up by the disease of trust-failure. When Dr. Machaar fails to stop corruption and dictatorship of the Russian Communism SPLA/M minded government; you will be absolutely the enemy of Dr. Riek Machar, because he has deceived you that he is going to change the system after July 9th 2011. Of course, it is good for everyone to wait for July 9th 2011 quietly; for it is the end of CPA and the remarking of liberation. It will be our diplomatic recognition day of independent, but it is wrong to mesmerizing people to give up their rights due to July 9th. It is better to keep silence like Vice President Kiir Mardit and Gen. Hoth Mai Nguth. They knew that there will be no change after July 9th. Kiir Mayardit is still a vice President diplomatically, but he will be legally called the president of the Republic of the South Sudan on July 9th, in which he will appoint the ambassadors for his country. I don’t know why you do call him the president before July 9th. I think you are rushing in power. Kiir Mayardit is a good man but you pushed him into the worse dictatorship. He had accepted Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial in a peaceful integration after late Dr John Garang peacefully.

What is the different between Paulino and Gabriel? Was it because Gen. Wiyay Deng Ajak was the Chief of staff during Paulino’s army integration while Gen. Hoth Mai is the chief of staff during Gabriel’s army integration? Is it what makes the case different? Or was it because Hoth Mai is a Nuer person? If, it is because Hoth is a member of Nuer tribe, it will take us longer time to maintain the peace in our country unless he is changed from this position. Gen. Hoth Mai also did not overthrow Gen. Omer El Bashir militarily; contrarily, he earned his regime by peace negotiation after twenty-one year struggle. Yea, my friends, can a person who got power through discussion turn the government into dictatorship? I think you will face it, though you do not believe it. You are placing your government into the position of “Yah-dik” “The Liberation Army of Tigray that defeated Mangistu Haylee Mariam”.

Now you have made a house arrest to kill Tang and Mabor. You have made it as revenge against them due to the incident of Malakal during PCA. Yet you are still agitating and provoking a great disaster because you have declared false amnesty as a set up to trick people. You cheated people to see your outside appearance beautiful and lovely like flowers, but inside you are full bitterness and sours. If you think I am not right to judge you wrong of that action, why do you murder your faithful fellow military men? Do you forget that they can help you fight with your enemy tomorrow? If you think that you have recruited and trained a huge army that is enough for our country, why don’t you leave Tang alone in the forest? You know that everybody like the peace and new country to be announced as result of our struggle, therefore, Tang and Mabor admitted their integration without doubt of you. Do you think Tang and Mabor are weak to discover your plan of assassination? Tang and Mabor are wise and good nationals. But, it seems to people like they were not smart to preview your evil plot against them while it is a right thing to trust your countrymen when the issues are discussed in peaceful manner. They did not know that you are not the good nationals.

If you are ready to fight with rebels why don’t you go to attack Peter’s and Athor’s camps? I think that no one can blame you to attack Gatdet and Athor, because they are ready to fight you. But Tang was not ready to fight you for he is no longer a rebel at the time you attached him. Instead it was an integration period.

The author holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and lives in British Columbia, Canada.

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