Two Sisterly Countries of Ex-Sudan Must Craft a Regional Block

By Paulino G. kedok / Juba

May 16, 2011 (SSNA) — The precarious and pessimistic future which will definitely nip in the bud, the soon to be separated two sisterly countries namely: (the Republic of Sudan (ROS) which shall geopolitically consist of North, East and West parts of old Sudan on the one hand, in conjunction with the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) which shall compose of richly vast south Sudan on the other.

The emerging South Sudan is a bona fide gate of the horn of Africa which shall be possessed by mostly creationist Christians of African descent and whose territory is approximately a quarter of the size of the whole of ex-Sudan.

The recently historical secession of the richest South is a curse rather than a blessing to the main stump of a devilish tree; surrounded by bloodsucking ticks and cygnets whose barking is far worse than biting right away from their immigration day back in 600 AD in disguise of mercantilism expansion “read The Coming of Arabs in the Early Sudan History"

With the diligent pressures from a handful regional powers, and with ubiquitous propulsions or diplomatic coercions exerted rigidly by the hegemonic international community, notable of which is USA, UK, UN/IGADD, and Norway etc to mention a few. in a nutshell the self- determination long prayed and long fought by the people of southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Funj Cushitic black origins outside and inside, before and after Sudan independence from foreign mercy; indeed, has been at long last attained beyond reproach by means of Referendum exercise as well as its stipulation in the CPA as one of the cornerstones is concerned.

The plebiscite has really placed the southerners on the map of a reasonable wisdom and a sound judgment as its results were 99.7% pitting impeccable Separation to steal the show against the worst and compelled the cancerous Unity be gone with the wind once and for all.

Having gotten golden independence as a nation and sovereignty as a state, South Sudan cannot and will never be the same again in so many dimensions. The country will race energetically to consolidate and fortify her presently emancipated shape into an advanced developing actor thriving to gain political and economic autarky as a distinct decisional unit on the world map. furthermore, South will be frequenting international stage at her own will, acquiring allies and crafting treaties with other sovereign states irrespective of scope and duration as well as it is to be in leagued with other East African Countries’ Community known as EAC in terms of economic trade and technological industrialisation.

Despite the above, the smart South and the imminently anarchic North Sudan will have everything in common and still will have some regional interests which the former or the latter cannot overcome with the help of another neighbouring nation state at any rate.

North Sudan will be left in the lurch holding a crying baby, i.e. to be at war fighting in various fronts economically, politically and socially beings even though it has ever since secured her feet in the depth; however, it is imminent for the divorced North to lose the crutch of every pillar sooner than later.

Economic bottlenecks

North will have lost much of its natural resources to flawless landlord aka State of South (SoS) and thus North will desperately resort to an irrigated agriculture of which bulk of land famous for fertility is also found in the southern part let alone random and dusty rainfall which always deteriorate air traffic with continual and risky detours abroad.

Therefore; whatever a little unprecedented resources the North will have got would only sustain its good morning bread and butter as physiological subsistence as such instead of cash crops as it used to be internationally boasting of when South Sudan was at the stake or captivity being milked to the last dregs in Khartoum like an emigrant cow in detention.

Political hiccups

In a minute upon the departure of South Sudan from the former Sudan‘s territorial map, all political activists and extremists versus the ruling NCP monopolised system; besides, Darfurian factions will croak and quake the Junta to cede power on so many counts of lawsuits.

Number one: the Elites Having failed to glue the unity of the country; consequently, which has made the people of South Sudan to segregate away territorially and yet being the solely source of green pasture supply to ex Sudan‘s economic growth and economic development.

Social conflicts

A few years that had been loosely uniting Sudan as one country but two governmental systems, has been working like charm by enlightening some northerners as to how much better a lifeline of freedom is ameliorating an individual‘s natural rights. How much moral rights as well as civil and political rights are humanely essential; besides, duly religious rights to humanity without coercive worships and to what an individual is to worship, where and when respectively but one’s own free will or disposal.

In retrospect, added to the invincible experiences mastered by the liberators of oppressors from both ninety-nine Mountains of Nuba and Funj folks, who have been fighting alongside with their racial kin southerners against all forms of human and economic marginalisation enforced for decades by the ruthlessly internal anarchists with their tit for tat revolutionary iron fist system under umbrella of conservative oligarchy status quo in opposition to willpower of majoritarianism and pluralism.

In the fullness of time, the so – called Arabisation under the rotten cover of Islamisation at all cost at all levels in the North, west and east, will ever be roomless between blue dawn and yellow dusk and thus, shall be beset by a number of social conflicts owing to amalgamation of strange products giving the clear indication that the remnant Sudan will not be the same again ‘A quote by Dr. Garang‘s Nyayo stadium historical speech January 9th 2005."

In the recap, for the sake of economic diversification and humanism preservation of the given less numerable generations, traumatised by the ceaseless national insecurity and threats since imperialism epoch to date , in my own judgement, it is worthwhile for the governments of two Sisterly states of Ex -Sudan due for an honest split on 9th July 2011 to be mutually and selflessly adopting or initiating a collective, regional and integrated security mechanism which shall be formed based on the fair and transparent format of equal manpower and equal resources and whose fundamental aims and missions is to maintain, observe and intervene indivisibly in the interstate’s peace and security affairs.

The said utopian institution would be tasked to act impartially and professionally with integrity, accountability, respect, non-partisanship and to be independent minded instrument with regionalism preoccupation guidelines in effect.

Both, its headquarters and leadership, would be rotated specifically in conformity to its mandatory constitution. It might appear like an additional protocol validating the lame duck CPA which was an intrastate peace but their wide difference would be as simple as that the latter will be an international treaty between two separate and sovereign states or an interstate treaty pursuing Pacific objectives over the local and regional polity.

Otherwise; the list is long and thus for the sake of brevity and conciseness, I have reserved more elaborations to the tutorial think-tanks and political philosophers to bulldoze or shed enough light on the looming multipurpose circumstances that are believed to rob us of our compass direction as a matter of plain truth and white reality perspective judgment on the globe.

Finally, South Sudan and North Sudan are to Sudanese as South America and North America are to Americans. Therefore, it is in the greater interest of our regional peace and reconciliations pursuit that the two sisterly countries must subdue their regional and border aggressions and transgressions through bilateral ratification of a just and a colourful treaty constituting an organic institution both with political and military veto of power which will be functioning as an unbiased regional buffer force known as Two Sisterly Country’s Regional Block (2SCRB) whose entire training and funds will be internationally acquired under auspices of UN and its recruitment policy will be made difficult if not impossible for neutrality ‘s sake and formality.

Therefore, the relative deprivation resulting now into rampant proxy wars practiced by the two almost splitting countries using various militias against each other as a be all and end all of eliminating one another, would come to an immediate end in a more diplomatic conclusion and abolition as soon as this envisioned treaty is blessed or acceded.

The Author: Is a Student of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of World Politics & Diplomacy, The Bridge University Juba and he can be humbly reached at [email protected]

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