The Future’s Past is Now! Let’s Build New Realities to Sustain Future Generations

By Alain Adunagow
Irvine, CA, USA
July 13, 2011 (SSNA) — To the unaware, July 9th 2011 may seem just like another day in a seemingly unimpressive year. But to those who have dreamt dreams for better days, those who have seen farther than their eyes could see, those who have believed without any evidence of what to hope for, to the caring hearts and compassionate philanthropists in the Sudanese Diaspora who advocated for something better than the precarious realities imposed in the lives of those they love, to the daring minds and thought-provoking think-tank visionaries who thought bigger than themselves, to those who chose to lay down their lives so that others could survive, this day is no ordinary day.
It is the day when we reckon the unveiling of the 54th African nation, the Republic of South Sudan (RoSS), which comes as a demonstration of a democratic success story. One of the rarest successes in the continent of Africa, now standing as a beacon of hope for those looking to free themselves from the imposed olden ways, boundaries and structures they inherited from colonial times. The people voted, the government acknowledged the intent of its people and ensured execution to follow suit.

This is a day that should not be recognized lightly. And so, we acknowledge and honor the efforts of those who labored night and day, in public as well as in secret, on the ground just as from afar, those who audaciously hoped to see change materialize in the streets of Juba, Wau, Malakal and other cities, towns and villages in southern Sudan.

This day should be memorialized as the day of change not only for the people of South Sudan, but also for the rest of African nations. It certainly is a historic milestone that did not come without a cost. Yes, Sudan will lose its rank as the second largest country in Africa, and the Democratic Republic of Congo will move up the rank in terms of size, making it share its borders with the new country. Some fear that this endeavor will mark the beginning of several unnecessary secessions in the continent. However, we have reasons to believe in better days and better structures for the newest nation on Earth and its continent. For this is only the beginning of a journey to sustaining the efforts celebrated and honored by the people of South Sudan.

While we couldn’t be happier for the freedom claimed and acquired by the people in southern Sudan, we shouldn’t shy away from pointing out that there is much more work to be done ahead. While we encourage the Republic of South Sudan to celebrate and honor the efforts made thus far, we must also mention that they should do due diligence in sustaining these very efforts fought for by those both standing strong today and those fallen as unsung heroes.

That is why, at Corporate Africa Network, we work strategically and creatively to build a voice for friends of Africa and African businesses so that values & principles are upheld, and common interests propelling the development of Africa are sustained.

While most organizations are looking at the present, we have spotted one organization looking at the future of the Republic of South Sudan. Founded and led by Mr. Digol P. Deng, the Sudanese Refugee Children’s Foundation (SRCF) has boldly made plans to execute and show support for the future leaders of South Sudan, the children. From its inception to date, the foundation has passionately been committed to improving the general social well-being of the refugee children from Sudan, by providing educational resources, basic health care, food, and shelter. As we celebrate the unveiling of the Republic of South Sudan, SRCF’s vice-president Yara Ajack is currently working in breaking ground for the development of the foundation’s first tangible activities in South Sudan. SRCF have partnered with Alain Adunagow, President & CEO of Corporate Africa Network, to continue to make significant advancements in their plans, and much has already been done in such a short time.

Just as Mr. Digol Deng’s foundation is into motion gear with a vision to invest in the future of South Sudan, we encourage those planning to return, those preparing to visit, and those looking for opportunities to start anew, to keep the future of the newest country in the world at a safe sailing. And so, we urge the people of South Sudan to show support to this foundation in any way they can and join the movement of bringing true change, for provision comes from within. We are who we are, and we can become whom we can become. It is time to be the change that we are looking to see!

Happy Independence Day!!

The author is the President & CEO of Corporate Africa Network; he can be reached at [email protected].

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