Athor Warns Civilians to Stay Away From South Sudan’s Military Bases

SSDM\A inform the Civilians of south Sudan Please Go away from the Military Bases or Nearby Military\SPLA

Dear all civilians of South Sudan form of Alert

September 5, 2011 (SSNA) — Ladies and Gentlemen SSDM\A is Alert the civilians in greater upper Nile States, N B G State and Warrap State to go away from the military bases or nearby military so that to avoid unnecessary lost of lives among the civilians I know some of the commissioners they used to surround themselves with Army or SPLA’s forces in civilians residential areas while I judge them as civilians and this is to assure you folks there will be no culpability or blame in the future your being together with SPLA force that will lead a lost of too many lives from you civilians and we urge you guys don’t allow to do that because we don’t have a problem with you let them not poll you saying that we protect you and that way is not help out please let the military be away from you civilians in your resident areas and you people take this warning seriously.

Thanks you all we truly love you.
CDR George Athor Deng
Chairman and C in C of SSDM\A
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