New Rebel Movement Emerges in South Sudan; Calls For The Overthrow Of The Government

September 25, 2011 (SSNA) — A new group calling itself "the National Democratic Front" has been launched in South Sudan calling for the overthrow the current government of the Republic of South Sudan accusing it of corruption, tribalism and sliding into the abyss. It pledged to unite all the fighting groups in South Sudan in order to fight for the change of the regime. The Front is led by Jack Deng of whom little has been heard of before.

The following is the full text of the statement issued by the "National Democratic Front":

25 September 2011
The Founding Statement of The National Democratic Front

The birth of the Republic of South Sudan was a moment of great joy. It was the moment the Southerners have been struggling to attain for centuries. The independence of South Sudan is not an end in itself but the beginning of the long road for the attainment of peace and prosperity for our people, who have been kept behind by the war. All these need a government that is forward- looking and rises to the enormous challenges posed by the birth of the new state.

However, the situation in South Sudan is slipping into an abyss unless drastic steps are taken to stop the slide. The country is gripped by many problems, for instance:

1. Rampant Corruption:

Corruption in South Sudan is a cancer that has evaded treatment. It permeates all levels of government from top to bottom. The widely spoken of corrupt ministers in GOSS who many believed would be relieved came back in force in the government of the new state. The message to the people is that those in charge do not care about their feelings. Thus, nothing short of the change of government will ever eradicate corruption.

2. Insecurity:

The country suffers from many forms of insecurity and nine out of the ten Sates are affected in one way or the other. Former SPLA officers are fighting the government, tribes are fighting each other, sometimes with the abetment of the government such as the most recent Murle-Lou Nuer fighting where more than six hundred people were killed. The life of a human being has become so cheap in South Sudan! A government that cannot provide security for its citizens is not worth being in office.

3. Tribalism and Nepotism:

National unity is the safety valve for the progress of our country. Unfortunately, tribalism and nepotism have become the order of the day threatening the fabric of our unity.

4. Treatment of Foreigners in Juba:

Since 2005, many foreigners from the neighbouring countries have come to Juba, the capital of South Sudan, to render much needed services. However, a lot of them have been subjected to mistreatment and extortion; some lost their lives and others are languishing in jail without charges. All this is done by security agents. The South which has enjoyed the hospitality of the neighbouring countries and others in the region during the difficult times of war, the least expected of it is to reciprocate by treating the foreigners well.

5. The Spiralling Inflation:

Lack of clear economic policies has led to uncontrollable rising prices in basic commodities, especially the staple foods making them beyond the reach of the common citizen. For example, in Unity State, a bag of dura (90kg), which is the staple food, sells at 1,600 SSP when the minimum wage is only 300 SSP!

For all these failures and more, the National Democratic Front is launched today to spearhead the struggle to rid the people of South Sudan of this corrupt, inefficient and tribally-oriented government. The NDF shall:

1. Strive to unite the ranks of all the groups fighting in the bushes of Southern Sudan,

2. Upon the removal of the current government, establish a transitional government of national unity with the following objectives:

(a)- work out and implement a special socio-economic revival programme for South Sudan that will reverse the current decline of the economy and render basic services to the people.

(b)- pursue a sound foreign policy based on our interest and promotes regional and international co-operation.

(c)- Build a truly national army of South Sudan, both in mission and composition.

(d)- Carry out a complete overhaul of the security and law enforcement agencies to be for the service of the people and their protection.

(e)- hold a National Constitutional Conference in which all the political parties will take part. The NCC shall discuss and agree on the principles of the permanent constitution of the country, and set the time for holding the general election for the Constituent Assembly that will promulgate the permanent constitution.

The NDF is open to all South Sudanese who believe that South Sudan deserves better than the present government which is like a rudderless ship. We call upon all the masses of our people to stand with us in order to bring the suffering of our people under this misguided regime into a speedy end.

Chairman of NDF
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