Merging of the said 18 opposition political parties is good idea

By James Monyluak de Mijok Thon, Lethbridge, Canada

October 14, 2011 (SSNA) — I am for the merging of these said 18 opposition political parties to form a single party so that they practical set their political, economic, social, cultural ideologies rather than being de jure political parties.

According to Sudan tribune (October 13, 2011), “Leaders from at least 18 opposition parties in newly independent South Sudan are considering forming a single opposition political party capable of challenging the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), an opposition leader said Thursday.” (,40423)

When they (Opposition parties) merged together, set their ideological principles, register and licensed, and operational in Juba, the current national capital city and elsewhere in all ten states, South Sudanese will then be able to compare and contrast the would be "Big Three" political parties (SPLM, SPLM-DC, and the said upcoming merger) in terms of their political and economic visions which they can deliver to South Sudanese in years to come.

Having only three de facto three political parties or two political parties in South Sudan if you will, will make them more competitive so that people better understand their visions, missions, and choose the preferred party that best address their needs and concerns, especially after four years from now and in the year 2015 when the next general elections take place.

After all, what matter most is a government led by a party accountable and transparency to its people when it comes to delivery of social services and rule of law. To me, it does n’t matter whether it is SPLM, SPLM-DC, or other party. What matters to our widows, orphans, elderly, and all walks of life is the government led by a party that uplifts its people rather than letting them down.

That is how democratic states/countries developed when gained political abilities & strengths and operate on daily basis. South Sudan ought to follow suit. I am not naive to suggest that we will be a democratic country in accordance to the deemed Western democratic values, but that would be a process that requires time and efforts…

James Monyluak de Mijok Thon is a concerned South Sudanese reachable at [email protected]

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