SSLM/A Forces Are Advancing Towards Bentiu Town And Warrap State

For Immediate Release
South Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SSLM/A)
Mayom, South Sudan
October, 29, 2011

October 29, 2011 (SSNA) — The gallant forces of South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA), under the command of Maj. Gen. Mathew Pul Jang and Maj. Gen. Kolchara Nyang, captured Mayom town at dawn on October, 29, 2011. Within four hours, SSLA forces also managed to capture Tomor town and they are now advancing towards Bentiu town.

The SSLA forces captured 23 SPLA soldiers, burned down five T-55 tanks, three RPGs, five PKMs, three 14.5 and two 12.5 machine guns. Two SPLA Brig. Generals were seriously wounded and seven hundred SPLA soldiers killed. The Commissioner of Mayom Town is on the run and is believed to be heading towards Bentiu town in a pickup truck.

On the other hand, SSLA forces, under the command of Maj. Gen. Bepean Machar, are now going towards Warrap State to liberate it from corrupt government in Juba. Within few days, the people of Warrap will be liberated from abject poverty, corruption and abuse of human rights.

The SSLA advises all NGOs and UN personnel to leave Warrap State within three days for their own safety. We would also advise the civilians to evacuate all towns and move to villages in order to be safe.

The people of South Sudan should know that the government in Juba rejected the U.S. State Department’s proposal to mediate peace in South Sudan at the end of September because Gen. Salva Kiir believes in military solution to end the war in South Sudan. As the SSLM/A made it clear to U.S. government, any peaceful mediation between the rebels and the government in Juba is acceptable provided that it is mediated by either the European Union or the U.S. government. Unfortunately, the government in Juba rejected third party mediation under the assumption that it would defeat the rebels militarily.

We want to bring to the attention of the international community that the government in Juba wants South Sudan to become another Somalia so that the corrupt SPLM officials would resume looting the resources of the poor people of South Sudan. Gen. Salva Kiir does not want to listen to UN Representative Hilde Johnson who advised him to return $2 billion dollars looted by sixteen SPLM officials. The people of South Sudan want development, economic prosperity and democracy. Unfortunately, the poor people of South Sudan have been subjected to abject poverty while a small clique of the SPLM officials are getting rich by looting oil money.

The SSLM/A, SSDM/A under the command of George Athor and SSDF of Maj. Gen. Gordon Koang have taken a unified position that peaceful mediation of the conflict is the only way to save South Sudan from becoming a failed state. However, the SPLM’s regime in Juba is not interested in peace and wants to pursue military option.

Therefore, the SSLA will defend the people of South Sudan from Gen. Salva Kiir the same way the Libyan freedom fighters liberated their country from Muamar Gaddafi. The people of South Sudan want clean drinking water, schools, economic development and democracy.

For contact:

Information Department
SSLM/A Headquarters
Mayom, South Sudan
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