Former SPLA general George Athur and the greed of 21st century!!!

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel (USA)

“None of the quick fixes to the world’s problems are going to work, unless we change the dream of greed and scarcity that the world is dreaming” Said by: John Perkins.

November 26, 2011 (SSNA) — While I was reading the news about a secret meeting between the President of Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit with renegade and former deputy chief of staff for South Sudan Army in Nairobi last week, in an attempt to convince the later to lay down arms and contribute in the nation building, instead of perpetuating the unnecessary war against innocent civilians in our homeland.

Hence, a brilliant comment made by a friend caught my attention. The phrase goes: “You can’t judge the book by its cover." President Kiir, despite his busy schedule, plus energy and money that has been wasted, travelled thousands of miles for a dialogue with the most wanted fugitive and the most notorious man, who is making a living on the dead bodies of innocent civilians including some of his own soldiers in his home town village in Korfolus in greater Upper Nile State.

When the renegade took up arms on June 2010 after he was dealt a bitter defeat in the race for governorship of Jonglei State, between him and his opponent, Gov. Kuol Manyang Juuk, alluding that the election was rigged by the SPLM/A, which the fugitive was a part of, and one of its high raking generals.

We all know the history of former general George Athur during our liberation struggle. To be honest, the man was not clean and a record to show for it. He was widely known for murdering civilians instead of the enemy. Just to refresh your minds, I am not talking about the " Hyena" crimes he had committed a long time ago during the struggle, but, about what he did and continues doing in Fangak, Pigi, and his home town Korfulus, just to mention a few, proven the criminal justice theory that; the culprit repeatedly stalking his/her victim. We, the citizens, condemn his barbaric acts in clear cut.

Thus, the initiative by President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his company to meet with renegade and fugitive former general and the war lord of all times, George Athur Deng Dut deserves an appreciation. But, by turning a blind eye to those very many good gesures, Athur Deng let his followers down by showing his true colour. The man is guided by a compulsive greed, that he doesn’t mind of all the people of South Sudan die for him to be governor of the state. The question is, how self cantered can you be? Evidently, the mad man’s just is looking for his own interest not that of the people of South Sudan as he often claims. In my humble opinion, all of Athur demands are unjust and in sharp contrast to damages his rebellion creates. I can therefore, say with all certainty that the current initiative will not bear fruit for peace, but it should be the final test for the blood- thirsty general and the likes.

In truth, war never pays, but creates destructive environment and chaos. Therefore, it’s essential, if we have to advance like the rest of the nations, that we have no choice but to embrace the principles of humanity, understanding of the needs of our people, to respect life and human dignity, in accordance with the Geneva Convention in 1949.

In conclusion, South Sudan is big enough for all of its children. In one of his visits to the United States of America, the Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior had this to say: “SPLM/A has many positions for everybody." Therefore, my sincere advice to the renegade and fugitive George Athur and the other run -away generals is, if they are fighting and killing innocent citizens because of positions, we plentiful of them. Before committing another acts of evil against innocent citizens, remember very well that Justice is conscious. And when you lose that, you are nothing but an animal.

Please come back home and stop kicking the cans down the roads.

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