SSPLM modifies its political doctrine after it draws criticisms from public

South Sudan People Liberation Movement and south Sudan People Liberation Army
General Headquarters
Renk, Republic of South Sudan.
1st January 2012.

Press Statement. (Replacing Unity with regime change in Juba)

January 2, 2012 (SSNA) — South Sudan People Liberation Movement and South Sudan people Liberation (SSPLM/SSPLA) is deeply concern with negative reactions and feeling toward our unity article in our working documents. We were proposal for a type of the European system or East African community.

However, the concern for south Sudanese has been taken into account and therefore, the article entile, SSPLM/SSPLA is fighting to establish united Sudan base on confederal system in the Sudan has been definitely deleted and replacing it with the regime change in Juba.

Any inconvenience caused by this article is sincerely regretted.

SSPLM department for inform.
Renk, Republic of South Sudan
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