South Sudan’s Rebel Group Appeals to Peter Gatdet’s Forces to Come Back, Accuses SPLA of Mistreatment and Discrimination

Dear all,

January 9, 2012 (SSNA) — The SSLA Military High Command appealed to forces of Peter Gatdet in Mapel to come back to the Movement. The SSLA established contacts with forces of Peter Gatdet, Gabriel Tang and late Col. Gatluak Gai to return to revolutionary forces because the conditions they are enduring in Mapel are worse than slavery. There are over 1600 combined forces of Gatdet, Gabriel Tang and Gatluak Gai in Mapel that are denied food and were ordered to be disarmed. We advised them not to accept disarmament because the SPLA generals in Bilpam want to demobilize them afterwards.

The SSLA will welcome them with open arms to the rank and file of freedom fighters. We told them that SPLA under Salva Kiir is a tribally-guided army which will never integrate them because Salva Kiir saw them as a threat to his leadership. Peter Gatdet is now redundant in Juba without being returned to the army awaiting to be arrested anytime. His former spokesman, Col. Bol Gatkuoth, returned to England and he is now living with his family in London because the secret deal they signed with Salva Kiir last August has been dishonored.

The forces of Peter Gatdet, Gabriel Tang and Gatluak Gai in Mapel understood the tribal game being played by Salva Kiir and would never lay down their weapons until they return to SSLA. We assured them that the SSLA will confirm their ranks like before and should not worry at all.


Maj. Gen. Bapiny Monytuil
SSLA Military High Command
Mayom, South Sudan 
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