South Sudan’s Rebel Groups Threatened to Prevent the Construction of New Oil Pipeline; Warned ‘Theaters of War’

Constructing a New Oil Pipeline is impossible without Approval of SSLA and SSDA

For Immediate Release
SSLM/A Headquarters, Mayom, South Sudan
January, 25, 2012

January 25, 2012 (SSNA) — The South Sudan Liberation Army and South Sudan Democratic Army want to alert members of international community and the people of South Sudan that the proposed construction of a new oil pipeline to Kenya may not take place due to insecurity in South Sudan. The SSLA and SSDA made their views clear to the White House, Kremlin, UK, Norway and Canada about the gambling being taken by the regime of Gen. Salva Kiir.

We want to state, in no uncertain terms, that SSLA and SSDA stand for the welfare of the people of South Sudan and do not condone any irrational imposition of unfair business dealings between the South and the North. SSLA and SSDA believe that the South should pay only international rate in order to export its oil through Port Sudan. Despite our position that both the North and the South should reach a reasonable agreement on transit fees in order to have brotherly relations, we strongly condemn the unilateral decision taken by Salva Kiir’s regime to initiate a policy of constructing a new pipeline without seeking approval from SSLA and SSDA which control most of rural areas where oil is currently being produced.

The SSLA and SSDA do not care whether the people of South Sudan decide to construct a new pipeline through Kenya provided that the decision to do so is widely accepted by various military and political forces of the country. On the contrary, the regime of Salva Kiir not only failed to consult the appointed parliament in Juba, but also refused to seek expressed permission from revolutionary forces of SSLA and SSDA which controlled rural areas of oil rich states of South Sudan.

It is our position that any major decision such as building a new pipeline needs expressed permission from revolutionary forces because failure to adhere to democratic procedure may result into military confrontation. Although SSLA and SSDA never attacked oil installations before because they are not fighting to cripple the South economically, we want to enlighten international community that the construction of the new pipeline will not take place on the ground because Salva Kiir did not consult the revolutionary forces prior to shutting down the oil.

We want to warn any oil company that will attempt to take part in the construction of the new pipeline to stay away from Unity State and Upper Nile because the SSLA and SSDA will never allow the construction of the new pipeline because the decision was taken without adherence to democratic principles. The SSLA and SSDA will soon launch Operation Ending Corruption which was delayed until the end of this month to allow the people of South Sudan to celebrate Christmas and New Year.

It is the position of SSLA and SSDA that construction of a new pipeline must take place unless approved by a democratically elected government, various political parties and revolutionary forces. The unilateral decision taken by Gen. Salva Kiir will lead South Sudan’s economy to complete shutdown. A country that depends on oil to survive cannot shutdown the oil production without alternative means to survive.

A wise decision taken after careful studies could get popular support in South Sudan in order to start building a new pipeline while using Port Sudan to export oil so that the South is economically capable to fund the construction of the new pipeline and to pay civil servants. South Sudan’s economy revolves around oil and the abrupt shutdown of the oil production will lead the entire country into a virtual standstill. Most private investors flocking to South Sudan did so because of the oil. Now that the oil is not any longer there, all foreign investors will run away. From economic perspective, the non-oil revenues that have been generated through tax come from trade with Kenya and Uganda. Now that oil does not exist, the Kenyan and Ugandan businesspersons will run away because the people of South Sudan have no alternative income to buy goods coming from their countries.

Had Gen. Salva Kiir consulted SSLA and SSDA, we would have told him that it is economically dangerous to shutdown the oil production and start building a new pipeline given primitive economy of South Sudan which depends on oil to build its infrastructure and institutions. What the regime of Salva Kiir did is economic suicide for South Sudan. A wise thinking brain can start building a new pipeline while using Port Sudan to export the oil in order to generate funds not only to sustain life in the South but also fund the construction of the new pipeline instead to rely on loans which have steep interests that will cripple the South with debts in the long run.

Therefore, the SSLA and SSDA warn oil companies not to take part in the construction of the new pipeline because Upper Nile and Unity State will be theaters of war between Salva Kiir’s regime and the revolutionary forces of South Sudan that are fighting to rescue the South from corruption. Within few days, fire will be burning everywhere in Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei States to liberate the South from ruling tourists in Juba. It is a matter of time that Salva Kiir will migrate to Kenya where he bought two villas for his family.

For contact:
Information Department
SSLM/A Headquarters
Mayom, South Sudan
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