Unity State should be renamed either Western Upper Nile State or Liech State

By: Gatkuoth Kedok De –Lew

January 27, 2012 (SSNA) — First and foremost, I am more delighted to lauding the strategic efforts taken at the eleven hour by the political executive of the Republic of South Sudan to shutdown the wells in the oil-fields of Western and northern Upper Nile regions as well as discontinuity of refining our crude oil through Khartoum‘s rude refineries and/or piping it via port Sudan and subsequently  exporting it to international investors at Rea Sea coast as usual a procedure recently overshadowed by the shameless theft and robbery in the greater and broader daylight by Khartoum Government.

All in all, I am so sympathetic and up to my neck with my spiritual support towards this overdue strategic decision of shutting down the oil operation permanently till further solution or alternative be found.

It is a great dozens of dose of malarial tablets to be swallowed bitterly by Khartoumers with a lasting effect.

It would be wise indeed for us to remain rigid enough without relenting again to the exploitation of our own making.

We fought Khartoum without oil for a half of good century and we managed to procure some modern arms not with oil money. It is them the people in the ilk of Imam Omer Al Bashir and Uztaz Osman Taha who know how sweetest and most rewarding the oil money is because they have been enjoying innumerable goods at the expense of oil incomes and returns for donkey‘s years unabated.

Furthermore; if we had been surviving and thriving without oil for a half of decade and notwithstanding; were able to invariably secure all types of weapons, why not shutting down that profitless operation of oil till we build our own pipelines at both Port Lamu and Djibouti as proposed even if they last longer than two years which is not even a quarter of the years we had endured without oil and since the oil is not the only natural resource we have got. Besides oil there is gold, wildlife, agriculture, forestry and fishery etc all which we can do without oil as we don’t rely on one source of God-given resources yet.

In fact, the absent-minded clique in Khartoum have never realised the arrival of their long spelt curse as prophesied by the Prophet Ngundeng that the downtrodden natives of the black land literally meaning (Sudanese) namely Fur, Nuba, Funj and Jinubiin in the South all of whom having been found inhabiting the land by the Arabs merchants before they were politely resettling over the northern part and spread over the land through the mercantilism fashion as sheer traders,

“that  the  landlords aka (Fur, Nuba, Funj and Jinubiin or Southern Sudanese)  would one day emancipate themselves from the yokes of Arabism and Islamism imposed on them at the highest order and be free and mighty to rout the Arabs using the same route and direction which once they had used when infiltrating through business imperialism using donkey as a ferry and be it the same donkey they will be still re-riding  in their retreat no more where all resources they came and exacted in Sudan shall remain only be retrieved by the right owners of the land without single grain go missing lest Arab will pay dearly for it.”

Now the curse has come to surface only the mad and the deaf who might not know any climatic changes sensibly to be ignorant or insensitive although the mad will see the changes of various images in motion likewise the deaf will see a variety of signs marking tantamount coming of the end of ages in their own deformed conscience and the rest is history.

Such a historical decision is just the least all of evils which must inevitably unfold or a moderate wound in the heart of Khartoum and its sycophants that must be terminally worsened by tetanus to death and therefore must be supplemented with an ultimate coup de grãce such that Khartoum clique has to really corroborate their economical decay at the long last between the blue dawn and yellow dusk in the true history of mankind.

Without Bentiu oil explored, Khartoum would be still wretched as it was in the early 1989 when it was as sheer slum as old Meroe in Stone Age shape in the early Sudan history.

But with the exploration of qualitative petroleum in Bentiu Land this had made Arabs in Khartoum to be the shining stars in the eyes of international opportunists such as China and Russia which have been unwaveringly supplying NIF regimes with all types of high calibre of weapons with modernity speed and long range precision including helicopters gunship which rain with chemical devices of nails and other bladed instruments with brutal intention to wipe out the marginalised people in Sudan but to their unhistorical know – how who are the great sources of wealth in the Sudan. 

Moreover; to pour enough fuel in to the hottest and the most flammable fire, and indeed for Nif Regime to recognize our economic sovereignty or diversity and territorial integrity of our blessed country, owing to the fact that they thought our choice for our political emancipation was just a joke or nightmare, The oil- rich State situated at the Western Upper Nile bank bordering the sisterly embattled State of Southern Kordofan (Nuba Mountains) under captivity in the northern political map  as well as bordering the Contested but constitutionally southern territory of Dinka Ngok chiefdom of Abyei; once dubbed ironically by the parasites in the north as a “Unity State”, meaning it is neither South nor north should the country be divided as it has been the present day reality and thus should no longer be the same again after separation as A UNITY STATE intended by the NIF machinery suiting to their political calculus in terms of economic expansionism a wrong promise of building bridge even at where there is no river at all.

However, for those in Khartoum to be proved wrong for the third time in the history, so that the effect of such proof be beyond reasonable doubt, the economically politicised name known as Unity State should be dropped away and be replaced by the followings of which only one to be chosen based on its historical commonality in line with the presently adopted political culture reflecting the collective will of and approval by the entire stakeholders of that state as follows:-

1. To be a Western Upper Nile State.

2. To be a Liech State

3. To be a Bentiu State

4. To be a Bahr El Naam state

And so on and so forth but it should be one of the above mentioned suggestions which is all-encompassing and where every one or individual feels recognised or defined by it in spirit or letter.

The motive of renaming that strategic location of western Nuer to be “Unity State” by Khartoum ‘s successive Regimes by then, was based not on geographical proximity owing to any kind of its centrality or commonality to Sudanese history but because God Almighty has ever since blessed it with a great lake of expensive oil which outshines the rest of oil sales in the international market thus it did pain and does pain the NIF to relent it without lame excuses for a pure economic reasons which should not hold any water forever.

Finally, the Unity State should be either homogeneously renamed as Western Upper Nile State as it is geographically located or Liech State as it is historically remembered in order to alienate Khartoum dreams far more useless and out of reach for future risk – evading probability or precaution as far as for the sake of reversing our orthodox history in to its most flawless form from Aden to date is concerned.

I am humbly and deliberately calling upon the people of presently robbed Unity State, the state government as well as national statesmen at the RSS level, to stand up and address the issue of giving A Unity State a new and physically fit name which shall have got no political implications in the years to come.

In Christ ‘s name, Arabs are as friendless as snakes and therefore should not be spared anything they have been camouflaging in the southern territory to the maximum of their ingrained political trickery and double dealing.

Let us go back eating using our traditional wooden spoon and renaming ourselves after our ancestral names not the ones have Arabism and Islamism impact and blackmailing.

The Author: is a Devoted South Sudanese residing in South Sudan Capital Juba and can be reached through [email protected]

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